Firmware update

(Tim Slagle) #1

Just got a notification that there is a firmware update for the hub.

Anyone have a changelog?:slight_smile:

Edit: I see TCP and Quirky stuff is available now.

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(Danny C) #2

What is the latest firmware version?

(Tim Slagle) #3


(Danny C) #4


(esung) #5

Anybody able to add spotter as a device? Firmware is updated, Quirky credential is entered but device list doesn’t show any of my spotters in my account.

(James) #6

Is there any way to force an update?

I’m on 000.010.00246 which is way old, but the iOS app insists my hub is up to date.

(Beckwith) #7


Contact support.

(James) #8

Okeydokey… email sent… thanks.

(Geko) #9

I got 000.011.00705. Can anyone beat that? :wink:

(Tim Slagle) #10

Can’t beat it. But I can match it:)

(Clinton Bro) #11

Upgrade firmware from their official website.