Firmware Release Notes for 47.11? (Homebridge stopped working after update)

Since I can’t post in the appropriate topic, here goes:

I started having some issues with Homebridge integration a few days ago, but the ST app on my iOS phone works OK. The homebridge-smartthings plug-in can easily get an inventory of devices, but times out on many status calls. The plug-in has a new personal token, and sends requests to

I have a ST3 Hub and the issues happen with wired or wireless connections (my Orbi satellite is 6 inches away from the hub). All network gear rebooted.

Looking at my hub, I see it is running 0047.00011 - and I don’t see any release notes for that. It would be helpful to know if this is what started my issues. It’s all been working for many years until now.

FWIW, devices are 2 Schlage locks, about ten GE/Jasco/Ultrapro switches & dimmers (v1 & v2), one Inovelli Blue switch (Zigbee), one Zooz Zen72 switch, two Ecolink motion detectors, an Aeotec repeater. There are also two Samsung TVs that periodically show up but I don’t need to manage them. Using all Edge drivers including Zooz & Inovelli.

So, release notes? Can I roll back? Anyone else seeing issues?

At the bottom of this post. There is no way to roll back that I am aware of.

what is the plugin you are referring to… do you have a link to it?

any updates on your Orbi recently?

I have 47.11 and experiencing no issues with homebridge.

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iklein99/homebridge-smartthings: This is a plugin to Homebridge to connect your Smartthings network into Apple Home Kit. (
I have been using this plug-in for the past 6 months or so, since smartapp/groovy was discontinued.

As far as updates, I changed out my old Orbi RBR50 for an RBRE960 a month ago. Things worked until Wednesday. On Wednesday (May 3), we had a few planned internet outages as Comcast was upgrading equipment in the neighborhood (roughly 4 hours). No changes in the house and this was the only plug-in of a dozen that was experiencing issues. TBH, those might have started earlier as I don’t always stare at the Homebridge logs. Everything has since been rebooted at least once, maybe twice. The ST hub & ST app are fine and responsive. The plug-in is posting many messages in the Homebridge log about delayed responses.

sorry, I do not know. I use that same plugin. The one time I did have a similar issue was due to a network configuration.

adjust your polling in the homebridge plugin. I had lowered mine and also set up the plugin as a child bridge. may or may not help

already a child bridge. I left polling alone, what did you change?

Are you using the WebHook? I just set that up and we’ll see how that goes. It avoids all the polling traffic.

Still fails more often than succeeds. It looks like a lot of Webhook requests time out, and then some of them will return data. I can sometimes control an accessory from the Home app (rarely). One automation did run this morning (turn off 2 lights), which surprised me.

Looks like the webhook requests succeed roughly at 1/2 hour intervals at which point a lot of data comes back, but timeout in between.

My bad, the webhook works as intended. It posts a new request every 85 seconds or if it gets a status update. The homebridge UX side mostly works. It’s when the plug-in is connected to HomeKit that trouble starts. Some actions work some of the time, but most result in No Response for all accessories. sigh. This was working until very recently.

contact the developer. They may be able to provide info.

It could be related to recent Apple updates. The beta release from last week killed my anti virus software on my MacBook Air.

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yes, I am in touch with him. It’s only this one plug-in that is giving me grief. I might have to go back to using just smart things for most of the simple automations that cross eco-systems, despite all those working until recently.