Firmware Check Now Option in IDE

Anyone else notice the Check Now option appearing in the IDE for firmwares?
Before we had to rely on smartthings to check on their own schedule. It looks like ST have been listening and delivered an option for us to check on demand.

Current Version: 0x1F015310
Target Version: 0x1F015310
Last Updated: 2016-12-02 6:12 AM GMT
Last Checked: 2017-01-21 8:36 PM GMT - Check Now

Yes, just saw it.

I only see it for smartsense devices. And it doesn’t seem to offer any option to actually update the firmware - how does that happen?

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ZigBee OTA updates are currently not supported, much to the demise of ST users like us. You can see that you need an update, but can do nothing about it for now.

RIght. That’s what I meant. OTA Updates cannot be initiated by the end user. I know the rollout happened back in November, but I think it is more of a tease for folks with ZigBee issues than anything. I can see how the OTA ZigBee updates might cause some instability, but if the devices are already unstable, what’s the harm in updating firmware, especially if the developer knows about the issues with ST and is actively trying to resolve them?

All my devices are up to date so I cannot test. But are we sure the check now link doesn’t initiate an immediate check and update for users with devices that haven’t updated to the latest yet? I didn’t see this link on the platform in November. It was only added recently.