FireTv as a presence device?

I find it difficult to determine if a room is vacant or not. I am sure we all know PIR sensors do not do the trick well. That being said I started to realize that in most instances if a room is occupied and there is not movement you are either watching tv or sleeping. So I have been trying to find a way to use my Fire Tv boxes and found a module in “Home Assistant” that does allow for the collection of status and some basic control I have tested this much. Anyway before I start trying to put together a smartthings solution I was curious if anyone has done something like this yet?

I put an outlet controller on my TV, and then set up my rules in CoRE to not run my light automations for that room if the power consumption is >10 watts (the TV uses .5 when off and 140 when on).

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I set up an IP ping presence for my phones & certain “sometimes on” devices, one of them being my FireTV stick using this: [RELEASE] ASUSWRT Wifi Presence

My TV stick draws power from the TV USB port, meaning that if the TV is off there will be no IP assigned to the device… And voila! Well, as a minimum it tells me the device is off at least, can’t guarantee anything if somebody left it on & left… <children!> Do this as well for my smart TV’s.


I also do the same with my smart tv’s. In addition I also have pressure sensors in the cushions of my main sofas connected to fibaro contact sensors. And my main living area also has a noise sensor from a netatmo base station where I check for noise greater than 50db. I also minute the play state of my Sonos’s in each room
This caters for 99.9999% of instances where the room is occupied. But for example if I am exercising on the floor in the room the light may still go out if I don’t trigger the motion sensor. However I have a virtual switch in each room called manual.
So if this happens I just trigger motion so the lights come on and tell Alex to turn on for example living room manual, this will then stop all automatons for that room and the lights will stay on until that virtual switch is switched off