FireBoard®Cloud Connected Smart BBQ/Smoker Thermometer

I am planning on purchasing the FireBoard Cloud Connected Smart Thermometer for my smoker and would love to see it integrated with SmartThings. This device is capable of monitoring 6 temperature probes and communicates over Wifi and Bluetooth. They have an API available that provides access to all of the info. Is there a programmer in here that like smoking food as well? If you up for the challenge please let me know!

“u can use the FireBoard REST API to access information from the FireBoard Cloud, including devices, sessions, and temperature channels. Requests are in JSON format and requires a token authentication method.
The current FireBoard REST API version is v1”

@kevintierney created an integration with the CyberQ several years ago:

BBQ Guru released a new version earlier this year so unsure if the API is the same. But regardless you can look at Kevin’s code as an example.

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that is a good looking graph from the Fireboard.

I had a temporary need to log smoker and meat temps for a group event (so timing mattered), and hopefully chart them. I settled on Fibaro FGK-101 (refurbs on Amazon) and DS18B20 temp sensor with high-temp silicone cable ($12 for 2 on Amazon). The sensor is only rated to 257F - just within smoking temps. I meant to heat a sensor to failure but I only have two for testing and I needed smoker and meat temps. The silicone should be shielded from radiant heat to keep it under 400F, which I wrapped with newspaper and tinfoil.

It’s not super cheap but it was convenient to put the smoker on Grovestreams or dashboard with existing device handlers.

here’s my fugly graph for making pulled pork last week:

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If the Fireboard functions as advertised then that’s a very nice setup. But holy moly, the prices…not only for the main product packages, but the accessories as well. $55 extra for a case with a magnetic base? My $115 4-probe iGrill2 has that functionality built in to the main unit to begin with. $15-$26 for 2-4 pieces of plastic to wind your probe cables around for storage? Also included with the iGrill2 to begin with.

So to duplicate the capabilities of my 4-probe iGrill2 (which can be had with all 4 probes for $130 from Amazon) with Fireboard components would cost:

Base package w/thermometer, 1 ambient probe, 2 food probes: $189
Additional food probe: $15
Plastic case w/magnetic mount: $55
4 probe organizers: $26

Total: $285

So the question then becomes, are the support for 2 more probes, the open API (which supports an Alexa skill) and the ability to have the unit also control a blower fan (by adding the $89 drive fan control cable) worth the additional $155-$244? I suppose it might be to some, but I certainly couldn’t justify it unless I had that much cash just burning a hole in my pocket…and I do a lot of smoking and grilling.

I dunno… much as I’d like to integrate certain things, I’m not sure the cost is worth it in a case like that.

My remote smoker thermo provides temperature in the grill and in the food, or two in the grill, etc, and beeps loudly if the smoker falls below or rises above the desired temperature range. That is all the alert I need.

The biggest issue is that smoking, like brewing, has a lifespan. After smoking a lot for five years, everyone’s had their fill of my smoked meats so I only smoke a few times a year nowadays. So even if I wanted to get it connected to ST, the frequency does not justify the cost.

I can definitely agree with some of the points made as I have a Maverick Et-732 Remote Bbq Smoker Thermometer that works great and beeps when the temp goes out of range. At $55 it seemed like an adequate tool. At the same time, I have to ask, is the price really that high for another home automation device? I see people post stuff in here all the time spending $40 on a multi purpose sensor to flash a $30 light switch when their washer is done or their mailbox is closed. The point of the original questions is if anyone is interested in building an app/device handler for something that has an open API and can be tied to existing (ie expensive) home automation stuff. I realized when I got into this that nothing is cheap! As for all the alert I need, a ding-dong from the existing doorbell works perfectly well but it would be so much cooler to have the Darth Vader theme song play when my mother-in-law is the one at the door… I respect everyone’s opinion but find them a bit entertaining.

Which is still a far cry from spending $155-$244 extra (not total cost) for incremental functionlity over and above the primary functionality. But like I said, it appears t be a very nice piece of outdoor cooking gear. If what it does (or has the potential to do for you if you can get someone to write a good DTH for it) is worth that extra expense to you then you should definitely go for it.

Does the iGrill2 have existing SmartThings or IFTTT integration? I want to be able to set a simple electric switch to go on and off, and the ability to manually shut off remotely.

iGrill2 is bluetooth. No integration.

I have purchased the FireBoard with the Drive cable to run a fan for the pit. Expensive setup that works.

I can look back but will NEVER go back without it.