Fire Tablet Setup Script for ActionTiles [BETA UPDATE 12-4-18]

Are you actually disgusted or are you just super cheap?

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The difference between the version with ads and without is 15 bucks. In either case, it’s a pretty cheap tablet.

Should they be giving them away for free?

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Meh, I guess I figure if we’re gonna steal from amazon we might as well do a little work for it. I rooted one of the fire tablets I picked up on prime day last year, that was mostly because I wanted to learn how to do it. I know that’s not an option now with the current firmware. I still haven’t unboxed one I picked up on Black Friday, so chances are I’ll end up using the script in this thread.

Either way, I didn’t really mean to give you a hard time, so my apologies.

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Ran the script on new Fire 7 and 8 tablets. Have things up and running fine with Fully, Dakboard and AT. Was looking to see if we could Cast Netflix but appears the Netflix app is not compatible as not found in Play store. Amazon store has the Netflix but no casting capability. Have spotify casting. Any ideas?

I just setup 4 Kindle Fires using the Script. I had two on the shelf no longer in use, a Fire 7 Gen 3 and a Fire 7 Gen 4 and, picked up two Fire 7HD Gen 4’s off eBay. The script ran as described above with the noted issues on the Gen 3 due to its older operating system and ran clean on the Gen 4’s.

However, all attempted to get LANnouncer working have failed. I added the device handler and app via the IDE for LANnouncer and also added Big Talker V2. But, the best I can get from the fire 7’s is an occasional chirp from the alarm and then silence after that. As a further test I loaded LANnouncer on my Galaxy S7 phone. It is working perfectly.

Are there any known issues with the Kindle Fire 7 Gen 4s or 3s? Is there anything specific I need to do to them under the hood to allow LANnouncer to work?

Tom G.

PS: Just sent several tests to one of the Fire 7 tablets and can see them arriving in the LANnouncer log on the Kindle. I’ve also discovered that the Siren sound works but no other sounds do and no announcements can be heard even though all are showing up in the app log.

I don’t use Big Talker for much anymore. I have found that using webCoRE for TTS works flawlessly.

8 Fire Tablets, all using this script and webCoRE. All functioning as expected.

I even have one in my network closet right next to an Echo Dot to “whisper” commands to Alexa.

Works great!

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Any links for info on setting up the tts service? That sounds promising.

Interesting, I am using webCore for several other things. I’ll have to test it for this. But, first I need to figure out why LANnouncer can only trigger the Siren.

Honestly, I think it’s a fire tablet issue, and the app doesn’t have the
compatibility or capability to deal with it.

I’ve struggled to keep it working reliably.

I run ActionTiles, Fully, Ring, Automateit, and Lannouncer driven by BigTalker (version 1) on 2 Fire tablets and 1 older HTC Android phone. Occasionally each of these devices fails in some manner. Usually it’s Lannouncer refusing to talk. My system sends a lot of TTS messages at certain peak moments to three devices, and sometimes is seems the ST server is simply overwhelmed. Sometimes I can cure the lack of speech by getting to the device’s home page and tapping on the Lannouncer app icon, which seems to restart or reset it.

Despite the occasional device issues, the ST system is much more user friendly with this setup, than without.


Thanks for sharing the script. I used it to setup a couple tablets for use with the web dashboard tonight:


How are people using this in actual practice - pressing the power button and swiping -or- dimmed screen?

Trying to figure out how I can make this usable in a dashboard approach given you can’t turn off the lock screen…which is annoying as all heck.

Most are using Fully as their browser which will stay on if you tell it to in the settings.

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Power on 100% of time, set devices to never sleep with power on. Never see the lock screen except during a power failure, and that’s OK with me.

I’m using Fully and set the device near the bedroom to dim to 30% after a few minutes so it does not create much light pollution at night. To brighten simply touch the screen. I don’t use the fully proximity sensor, it locks up the front camera that I want for monitoring purposes.

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Ok. Wasn’t sure about life of the screen with it being always on. That helps that there’s not really another solution though!


Thank you very much to the script creator and everyone for the valuable comments. I used this on a Fire 8 from woot, and it worked perfectly. I’m still tweaking the Fully settings to see what I like best, but I do have a couple questions.

  1. My tablet is currently on 5.3.0. Is there any benefit to upgrading it manually? I do not want the Amazon bloatware to come back though, so I’m guessing I should leave it as is.
  2. Do I need to register “my account” in Settings (Amazon account)? Pros/cons?
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I have a Amazon Fire HD 3rd Generation. Should this work on it? For fun I gave it a chance and it seems to have installed, didn’t have the accessibility option that was listed though. I can’t seem to open up the Google Play Store. Not sure it worked correctly. If it is possible please help!

Is there a way to also use the camera on the fire tablet as a camera (security) while still using Dakboard and Fully.

Ex when no one is in the house and the house is armed turn on fire HD camera and detect motion

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How hard is it to get your security camera feeds to show up like that? I haven’t used Sharptools yet.

Not if you are using the fully motion detection.

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