Fire Tablet Setup Script for ActionTiles [BETA UPDATE 12-4-18]

But you still need a Windows computer to run the script correct?

If you want to use this automated procedure, it requires a Windows system AFAIK. However, Kindle Fires are easily set up using instructions at XDA Developers.

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Now just to decide if I want to go for the 8 or not. Automatic would be nice, but I will have to do it the manual way, since I don’t have access to a Windows computer. The one in the clubhouse is locked down to just internet. The USB ports are locked. I looked on the developer site, and to disable OTA etc. You need to hook up to computer. Unless I was reading the wrong thing, very possible.

The manual procedure was simple and painless for me, did it in a few minutes. Once play store is installed, log in with your gmail account, then install Fully Kiosk Browser and Lannouncer from play store.

Should Fire device get updated to 5.6 prior to play store install, tap power off, then on, to get the install button working for the APKs

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OK I will put some thought into this. I have ActionTiles running on an old iPad in Kiosk mode.

Used this on the HD 8 I got a few days ago. Looks like 5.6 is on it and for the most part it seems to work. The major issue I have is with Fully. Whenever I go into Kiosk mode it asks if I can put Fully as the default hope app. It dumps me into settings, but I’m no sure what to do beyond there (or if I can). Also not sure if I messed something up on the install as I’ve read folks were able to set this as a one time deal until reset, which I’d never do since I want Fully running constantly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


That’s one of the fire tablet quirks. You can’t use it as the home launcher, you can use the home button hijack that’s installed with this package and select fully, and it will work that way, BUT fully will not ‘see’ it’s the default home launcher.

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Ah. I see now. Then perhaps the only comment on the installation would be mentioning to deselect the “launchers only” button on Hijack and then selecting the Fully Browser as the home launcher. Newbie error on my end, but I’m sure others might have issues with that too.

No problem. I personally prefer Nova to be the launcher, and then I can
just start fully as needed that way.

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Anyone getting an error when lauching Fully that about updating Android Webview and that it’s currently at version 41? I’ve manually updated to the latest Android Webview and its still coming up. No big deal… doesn’t seem to affect anything and it goes away quickly, but wondering if I’m the only one

Depends on the device - a lot of apps will use the system-embedded Webview despite having the play store version also installed, and disabling the system app won’t change it. Probably won’t cause any issues, but if you’re like me and bugged about it, you either have to decompile some system files, or else use xposed framework and the Google webview plugin (root required either way). You can also disable the toast notifications in the settings of Fully.

Disable the notification it is :smile:


Worked for me with a Fire 7.

I ran the script although I still have the adds on the lock screen. any ideas?

Hi…which wall mount are you using? Where you bought it?

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Likely this one:


This is awesome. I got 3 Fire 7s and 2 8s from woot over the last few weeks, just used this on one of them to set it up with AT, its awesome, easy and pretty quick. Well done! Ill use this on the 4 other devices i havent set up yet.


Thanks for setting this up man. I got two brand new fire 8’s today … one was 5.4.0 and other 5.6 … so one I had your script do everything - the other just load fully, lannouncer, the play store, etc. saved a lot of work.

I did have a couple probs - one was from NOT reading the instructions! But great work. Thanks.

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Glad to hear it worked for you!

I am curious how to power these things. I’m not a electrician but is it possible to use wires from a thermostat or light switch?

It looks like a lot of people run these above a switch.