Fire Tablet Setup Script for ActionTiles [BETA UPDATE 12-4-18]

Another quick question for you guys – worked great for my Fire HD 8 (7th Gen) that came with, but the other two I bought came with; So with that being said, I’ll go ahead and use the script to install Google Play, Fully, etc. – but how do I prevent the over-the-air updates from updating my tablet?

Will ACTIONTILES still work okay as a wallmount application even though I can’t disable OTA updates and remove the bloatware? Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like anyone has had any luck downgradiing a 7th Gen Fire HD 8 from to

Hi there. I’ve got Fire 7 (7th Gen) with Fire OS Will this script work on it?

My 7th Gen Fire HD8s are on 5.6 with no issues. Play Store installed from XDA Developer instructions

On 5.6 you need to hit the power button to sleep the device, then hit it again to power on enabling the install button.

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Thank you VERY much. I just did 5 devices with this and it was a big timesaver!

Of note, I had 2 devices at 5.3.xx and 3 at 5.6.xx. Ads removed from all.


I gave one of the recommended wall mounts a try – very slick with the provided cable. Turned out great!


Already down the rabbit hole - Arlos, Hikvision that isnt by an ethernet, and a few Amcrest

I had an old Honeywell alarm keypad there that still had dc power (12 volts dc) — I bought a little 12vdc to 5vdc converter with a usb connection on it and tucked it in behind the wall.

I highly recommend the wall mount in this thread as it comes with a slick flush mount cable for the tablet.


If you want to remove the lockscreen ads do this:

  1. Go to the Amazon app or Amazon app store

  2. Go to help

  3. Call Support

  4. Ask them to remove the lockscreen

  5. Depending on your tablet they might try to charge you $15 due to special promotions that was bundled with the tablet.

  6. Tell them how much money you spend at Amazon. They didn’t put up a fight.

  7. They will ask you to go to settings > sync

  8. Ads will be removed.

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Thanks for listing the steps.

It is unfortunate, however, that FireOS does not have an option to remove the lock screen entirely. While it is nice to just have a slide show and a simple swipe to unlock (no ads), unless you never power off the tablet (which is the current best option if you always leave the table plugged in), the lock screen will always engage upon power-off.

Hoping someone hacks this… but the Amazon will doubtless block the hack again. Perhaps they have hopelessly intertwined lock screen ads with the lock screen function.

I have my Fire 7 7th gen set to dim the screen and wake using Tasker, but the problem is that the screen does not dim right down and can still be quite easily seen. Does anyone know how to dim it more without the screen going off altogether?
Tasker is set to brightness 0 but it’s staying brighter than that.

Have you tried the Fully Settings–>Device Managment–>Screensaver URl (PLUS) dim:0 option?

Still too bright for me in the bedroom, so I allow that device to sleep, but that requires manually getting rid of the lock screen. Currently no way around that issue AFAIK.

Fully Settings–>Power Settings: Scheduled Sleep/Wakeup Time (PLUS) options

There is a Device Management–>Unlock Sceen option but it is greyed out on my Fire devices, available on the Android device

Not sure I understand you.
Are you saying i should type dim:0 into the Screensaver URL (PLUS) field?

Yes, if you want to try the fully screen dimming vs Tasker.

Additionally settings ScreenSaver Timer (PLUS) must be set to some value > 0
Touching the screen should brighten it. If not, try Device Movement Detection–>Enable Movement Detection on; and Turn Screen on on movement / Exit Screensaver on Movement true

This leaves the screen with a dim glow, similar to a LED TV with no signal. More light than I want in the bedroom, so I allow the BR device to sleep.

Thanks, that looks like it should work, but i get a message saying camera failed, trying to restart.

Anyone else had this?

When Fully setting Motion Detection (PLUS) → Enable Motion Detection and optionally Turn Screen On on Motion are set to true, Fully locks the Camera for it’s own use.

Perhaps another app is using the camera.


For your actiontiles however it seems plugging it in is the best course of action anyway as most people are mounting their tablets using these devices

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Can you use the motion sensor to unlock when it sees you right in front of the tablet?

If you are implying “facial recognition” to unlock a Fire device, I have no idea.

The motion sensor on a Fire 7 and 8 (not sure on the 10) is the camera, sensing light changes. It will undo a dim:0 or screen saver. When the device is locked, the power button must be tapped bringing up the lock screen

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Anyway to do this without a Windows computer? I only have Mac.

This is done on either a Kindle Fire with the Amazon OS ( an Android fork) or perhaps an Android device used mainly with ActionTiles. Some of these suggestions may relate to running ActionTiles with the Safari Browser.