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Fire Tablet Setup Script for ActionTiles [BETA UPDATE 12-4-18]



I just factory reset and did OTA to get show but I lost the lanucher hijack

(Ron Talley) #252

Dang. Man oh man. These things are cheap and great for AT but why oh why does Amazon crippled them so much?

Hopefully someon comes up with an updated script…

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #253

They are not that crippled, are they?

Lack of Google services makes sense, since Amazon is in direct competition with Google in many ways. The “ads / special offers” offsets the initial cost of the tablet and it can be purchased without them. The inability to disable the lock screen is definitely an issue (especially should be allowed if special-offers are legally removed: But perhaps that hook is too deep in the OS so Amazon doesn’t want to mess with it).

Quite a lot of non-Amazon Android’s can’t be rooted (nor booted with custom ROMs).

At least Amazon does allow you to side-load APKs, which really does get around Play Store limitation without much complexity at all, really… No?

(Paul Barden) #254

Has anyone ever got this solution working in 2018?.

This was posted back in 2016 for a firetab 7 but seems like the perfect solution to rid the lock screen issue.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #255

I don’t think so. Amazon has locked down the known hacks for root and ROM loading.

The best possible resource for latest info is likely:

(Mark) #256

This is a great resource, I used it to root my 2015 fire tablet and then load a stock android OS.

I believe there are recent threads that indicate they were able to root newer 10 inch tablets, but so far nothing for the smaller ones. Maybe someone will figure it out soon.

(Joel W) #257

I guess I should have read this thread with more detail as I just purchased a Fire HD 8, now can’t do what I want. Or at least all I want. I do have ActionTiles running, but I have to use the same trick to see video feeds from my cameras. Load the window with the video URL enter the user and password then open ActionTiles if not already opened.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #258

This depends on the source of the feed (and browser - I think Firefox still allows user:password@address URLs).

One functional workaround is to run tinyCam Monitor Pro to transcode, as it accepts &user=xxx&pwd=yyy parameters that are compatible with Media Tiles.

(Joel W) #259

The code I am using for my camera is this http://192.168.X.XX/video.cgi?&user=XXn&pwd=DavXXXXX is there a better way for a D-Link camera. I run Mac, so Tiny Cam Pro with an emulator uses lots of resources.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #260

That format is mostly ActionTiles compatible, but it won’t do any good if not supported by the camera. And desktop browsers will usually block non-https (non-SSL) embedding.

  • Test the URL in the address bar of private browsing tab and do not login to the camera manually.
  • To check for SSL error, bring up browser debugger with F12

(Joel W) #261

Yes done that, but once I put the URL in the browser window, the ;logon screen appears and it loads the video feed, then ActionTiles works as long as that video window remains open in a tab. Within the ActionTiles Media tile setup the video no-longer shows. Months ago the video did show in setup of the media tile but that stopped. So as before the work around was as I posted. Seems to be the same for Safari, Chrome and Firefox on desktop, and on the Fire HD 8 7th gen the trick works, On the iPad I can get the video to open in a tab, but not in ActionTiles. Strange.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #262

If the “user” and “password” fields were compatible with your DLink, then you would not have a “logon screen” appear.

It’s possible the parameters are wrong; or there are no such parameters permitted.

(Joel W) #263

Any idea what it should be? I think I have it working now with this http://192.168.x.xx:80/mjpeg.cgi?user=admin&password=Daxxxxxx&channel=1.mjpeg 4

(Mark) #264

There’s a lot of cameras out there.

If you google yours, you should be able to find the correct URL for an MJPEG stream.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #265

No real idea… I have wild guesses; there’s a popular firmware that is around that uses user=admin&pwd=mypassword - but every camera may use different variations or not allow parameters at all.

Unfortunately, DLink is not listed here:

(Joel W) #266

So Far the one above works for Firefox but none work for iPad.


I would like to report that I have two Fire HD 8s that have been up and running for over a week. I purchased the show mode dock for the seamless look. The dock is mounted to the wall using 4 command velcro strips and seems pretty solid. I already had keypad wiring from the basement to a wall in my room which I stepped down from 12v to 5v using a buck converter ( 12V comes from my aux power via a konnected panel in the basement. I only used the script to install the necessary google play components and from there I downloaded Lannouncer and Fully Kiosk directly from the play store. Right now I have the tablet locking fully after 15s to save some power and my door chimes still seem to be working. I use the motion detection from Fully Kiosk so all I have to do is walk up to the tablet and do a quick swipe. The dock is pretty nice too because it lets me grab the tablet off the wall quickly if I want to use it.

(Joel W) #268

Is the Show mode working and is this a Fire HD 8 Gen 7?


I don’t have show mode on because it’s a pain in the ass to get out of. The only way I know how to exit it is via an Alexa command, “Alexa, exit show mode,” or by swiping down and tapping a toggle switch - much more annoying than just a swipe. This is a fire HD 8 gen 7 as the show mode dock is only compatible with this gen. If you try it with a lower gen the right-angle micro usb is a few mm off and won’t fit. Guessing this was done intentionally as the gen 7s probably have some internal hardware that the others don’t. You also have to be on or the dock will not charge the tablet. If you try to charge the tablet on it starts and then stops immediately, it’s a little weird.


How stable/secure is the tablet like this? I would image a slight bump into it would cause it to fall off the dock?