Fire alarm

I have a fire alarm laying around, but can not pair it to smart things,
If I was to just install it would the zigbee module constantly try to pair and drain battery or would it
eventually time out and forget to check in?

Brand and model of the fire alarm?

Brand: SMC Networks

While it is zigbee, it does not support zigbee home automation profile v1.2, which is the implementation of zigbee that SmartThings supports.


so if just installed as smoke alarm will the battery drain as its checking in or should it be fine ?

That would be a question for the forum for the device. This is the Smart Things forum.

Is there a way to tell what is V1.2 compatible
How where you able to figure that out ?
Can you look at the device and tell ?
Is there something it the literature ?
Is there a list ?

Should’ve been listed in the datasheet and it’s not.