Fire Alarm Panel Monitoring with contact sensor—how to report as a different device class?

I’m monitoring a set of contacts in my fire alarm panel that open on alarm with visonic 340 e contact sensors that I’ve modified to be able to monitor the state of the contact. Currently it is doing its job but shows up as a contact sensor, which it is. I’m trying to figure out how to make it so that when the contact opens it reports as a smoke detector in alarm instead of just sensor opened. Is this possible? I added the capability “smoke detector “ in my device handler but in things it still doesn’t show up that way.Any help would be very appreciated. image

An example:

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Here’s another option, it’s pretty cool and can do more stuff but same idea as what @vseven posted.

Thanks. I’ll give them a look see. I’m not sure if the first one will work or not as my device is a zigbee and not ZWave. I guess if push came to shove I could create a simulated smoke and maybe use IFTTT to turn it on and off based on sensor.
Thanks for the ideas.

How it shows up in the app is mostly related to the tiles and associated attribute ( especially the main tile).

(The code posted by others should give some good examples.)

Sorry I should have clarified further re: the uDTH. Your contact sensor remains a contact sensor, with whatever device handler you were using previously.

Then you can install a virtual contact sensor, change the device type to the uDTH in the IDE, and with a smartapp like WebCoRE, you tie that to your real contact sensor.

If your real contact sensor opens, then set virtual contact sensor to open (and reset it to closed after some delay too). The uDTH will take the open event and can turn it into a smoke event. Then you can include the device in your SHM smoke monitoring rules.

A bit convoluted? Yes, but it should work. I’m not sure if anyone has created a device handler for a zigbee contact sensor like what’s been done for z-wave contact sensors to get it to show up as a smoke detector.

@Steven-Pierce - If you can’t get the uDTH working for you let me know…I can probably convert your existing zigbee sensor DTH over to one that appears as smoke in a couple minutes. Just need to know the exact device type it shows up as currently (under → My Devices)

I was using a device handler I thought from erocm123 for my Visonic MCT-340E that gave me a normally closed is clear for a smoke detector. I had to reset my SmartThings account and lost everything. I’m trying to rebuild and can’t remember all the device handlers I was using. If anyone knows of a device handler that will do this it would be much appreciated. I can’t seem to relocate it.