Fire 8 HD Tablet Wall Mount

I bought a Fire 8 HD tablet on prime day and am going to wall mount it with Actiontiles. I’ve been searching for a nice, reasonable wall mount and came across this one on the Smartthings Forum for a Fire 7…I contacted the guy making it and he agreed to make a run for the Fire 8s if there was interest of at least 20 people. This is what he said regarding the cost:

~$30 + flat rate shipping via USPS printed in standard PLA. We could offer some other filaments but it would be at a higher cost. I would need to complete design though before I give any additional options.

Anyone interested?

Link to Fire 7 version…

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You will likely get a lot of interest on the SmartThings Users Group on Facebook, unless already posted there?

The biggest concern with Fire Tablets at this time is that they are not currently “root-able” and even the non-special offers version can’t bypass lock screen…?

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I’m interested too — I chatted with Mike ( — the nice gentleman who created the sleek wall mount for the 7inch Fire. He said if we can come up with at least 25 orders for the new Fire HD 8 tablet, he’ll make the wall mount for us.

Would there be enough interest to secure 25 orders upfront? I’m guessing the cost will be ~$25-30 plus shipping.

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I am very interested in this for my HD 8 too.

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I’ve been using Dockem Koala wall mounts (that I originally used with an iPad Mini)

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Learning to use Fusion360 (CAD program). I’ve been working on a in-wall mount for the 7" tablet. If someone would send me the dimensions for the 8" I wouldn’t mind designing and printing one. The rough design I have is for 1/2" drywall. I need to make the face plate a little thinner and add a hole for the camera.
Suggestion appreciated.


hi im intresting fire hd8 wall mount white 5-10 peaces

Were you ever able to make one of these for the Fire 8 HD? I am looking for something similar to this:

In-Wall iPad Mount for iPad 2, 3, and 4


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this is the spec for the HD Fire 10 (7th Generations)

i measured the tablet myself and this is what I got.
265 X 160 X 10

these are the dimensions online:

262 x 159 x 9.8 mm (10.31 x 6.26 x 0.39 in)

please share with us the design.

Thank you

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