Fire 7 with Zwave switch relay to control power

I’m installing a Fire 7 with a Makes by Mike kit using his 120vAC converter to 5vdc. Could I use the Zwave Relay switch I added below to switch off & on the power to cycle the power with a webcore piston? My main question is when you turn the switch off and on is that making and breaking the load wire? Since I’m not using this with a regular dumb switch I don’t need to use the aux just the load wire off this is switched. I already have a spot with a single gang box with Hot & Nuetral that’s why I’m not using a plug.

If it’s a relay, it will open and close the connection on whatever wire you have running through the relay. Are you wiring in the relay before the AC/DC converter or after? On the Mains Line or neutral or the DC Positive or ground? You have complete choice when using a relay.

But the relay you linked to isn’t a dry contact relay, it’s a mains relay. This should be wired on the line going into the AC/DC transformer and will cut the power to the transformer.

Worked perfectly. Added a piston in webcore to do the background work. :+1:t5:

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