Fingerprint scanner sensor

(Dorothy) #1

Anyway I can get a fingerprint scanner. Install it outside my door and have smartthings send me a notification if the incorrect fingerprint/no fingerprint is scanned upon entry?

(Robin) #2

There are numerous cheap fingerprint scanners that offer a normally open (NO) dry contact output… hook one of these up to a dry contact sensor and you have a smart scanner.

Sinething like this, hoooked up to a Fibaro Contact Sensor (dry contact terminals) would work nicely.

(ilker Aktuna) #3

this is a good idea.

is this the dry contact sensor to use:

And how do we power it ? battery/AC/DC ?

(Robin) #4

That would work, it needs a 12v power supply, but I’ve found them to be a little unreliable.

I used to reccomend these:

But Fibaro discontinued them, maybe use something like this instead:

(ilker Aktuna) #5

thanks. These are of course better since they work on battery. But how do you connect them to a dry contact fingerprint sensor ? (since they are closed box sensors with magnetic trigger, I don’t know how to connect them as a dry contact sensor ?)

(Robin) #6

According to the manual you can open the case and it has dry contact wiring terminals on the inside.

(ilker Aktuna) #7

this is good. since it is battery operated, can I find a battery operated fingerprint sensor with dry contact ?

(Robin) #8

highly unlikely… needs a small computer inside to compare the prints, that’s a lot of power needed.