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Finding the right hardware for Lighting Control in two rooms


Yes, thanks for breaking it down for me :slight_smile:

This should be fairly simple and we’re creating something similar in terms of fan control in a single gangbox, so we may even be able to use the same PCB board for this project, so that would be great.

(Frank ) #22

Very nice. I am glad to see a remote coming and I like your idea of combined fan controls into a single gang. That has to potential to clean up space. Thanks!

(Edward Niedziejko) #23

I think ideally if you could have two physical dimmable switches and configurable scene buttons in a single device that’d have the most flexibility, or if two switches is not possible, allow long-press for dimming up/down with single tap to switch on/off.

An 8 button layout has the most functionality. Have each button pair (either in a up/down or left/right set) either be local controllable or externally configurable.

4 light controls: each button pair controls/dims one light set. The first set controls the local dimmer.
2 light controls: 1st and 2nd or 1st and 3rd control power (and dimming if other buttons used for scene selection), 3rd and 4th or 2nd and 4th controls dimming OR scene selection.

You could allow different covers to reduce the number of exposed buttons so if people only needed 3 zones, or 2, they wouldn’t have extra exposed buttons, but from a manufacturing perspective, having them the same internally would simplify things. It’d also allow people to expand their control without replacing hardware.

(Frank ) #24

That is an interesting concept. So the switch controller could support a 2x4 grid of button contacts and could come with two 2x2, four 2x1, and eight 1x1 buttons. Did I summarize that properly?

(Edward Niedziejko) #25

Yep, that sounds right. Happy engineering

(Frank ) #26


Hi Eric. Another good use case for switch hardware we discussed above is using these switches near a door to do things like set away on your way out the door or home when coming home since most people don’t have a free slot for a scene controller that doesn’t have the ability to control lights etc in the slot it is in. Thanks!


@XLT_Frank – yeah, the more I’m thinking about this, that would be an amazing use case. Ok, now we’re getting somewhere – you just have to break it down in marketing terms/scenarios for me lol. The more use-cases I get, the easier for me to picture why we’d need this.

I’ve personally wanted something like this now that you bring it up again. Right now, I have our scene switch right by the door and I’ll use it to set scenes and update the Mode in my app when I’m home and away, but it would be easier to just have some buttons or something that you could label or that even comes pre-labeled that shows like, “arm/disarm”, “Scene 1” “Scene 2” etc.

Thanks again for bringing me back into this. It’s definitely on our list to explore once we’re done with a few other projects (remotes, in-wall outlets w/power monitoring, ceiling fan control, etc) but I think it’s definitely an idea with legs.

Have a great weekend!

PS: Seriously feel free to tag me every so often in this thread to keep it fresh in my mind. I really do appreciate it.

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Thanks! Here is something (PDF) I put together w/ my thoughts…

(Frank ) #29

Any progress on this, fan control, and/or remote?



Hey @XLT_Frank – great question.

Without going into too much detail in a public forum (you can reach out to me and I’ll give you the full story) we are having some “fun” times with our manufacturer right now which need to be cleared up before we can continue on these products.

HOWEVER, I promise it’s not all bad.

The good news is that once things are cleared up, we are pretty much done with the fan control and remotes – they’ve been built and they’ll just need proper certification (UL, FCC, Z-Wave) and then we’re off to the races. Remotes will launch first, followed by the fan switches (yes, there will be two different versions).

My hope is that things will be cleared up with the manufacturer in a month or month and a half and then things will be back to normal. We’re also pursuing another manufacturer if this doesn’t work out. Either way, we’re going to get these switches and remotes launched, I will promise you that.

Anyway, thanks again for following up!


PS – you can always reach out to me personally as well – happy to give you as much detail as you’d like – there’s just only so much I can say publicly w/out getting in trouble by my team :joy:

(Frank ) #31

Sounds great! Any sneak peaks on the product?


Yeah, certainly

In-Wall Outlet w/Power Monitoring:

Paddle Remote Switches:

I’m going to keep the fan switches to myself at this point, but they will essentially have the top half of the switch be able to control the light, and the bottom half control the fan speed + on/off

We’re also revamping the website and that should be completed by the first week of October – I know, not as exciting as actual product, but it will make things easier to find as well as give a more professional look. Next year we’ll be using the site more for promotions, etc. More to come on that as well!

(Frank ) #33

Any luck on the remotes and fan switches? Also, for the switch idea above, i can even fit volume, music source, controls inline with a switch where it is too hart to add another switch to an expanded gang.

(Frank ) #34

Any status updates on the new products? Thanks!