Finally got my iPads on the wall


(Jay) #1

Here are some pictures of my tablets up on the wall, just wanted to share.

(Louis Lefebvre) #2

Beautiful job, wich kit do you use ?

(Jay) #3

These are picture frames that I have modified to fit the iPads in.
They run off of the batteries as I didn’t want to drill holes to run cables to them, which is ok as they last about 6-7 weeks.


And you’re running SmartTiles on them, right? :sunglasses:

(Keith) #5

Looks great! What thermostat is that?

(Jay) #6

I’m running smarttiles until actiontiles comes out tomorrow.

(Jay) #7

That is the hive thermostat


How are they lasting 6-7 weeks on battery? Mine last about 6-7 hours!! :pensive:

(Christopher) #9

Very nice!

(Eric) #10

how did you do this?