Finally ! fully automated coffee machine - Delonghi Primadonna Elite

Delonghi Primadonna Elite has a BLE interface

I used a Raspberry PI 3 server which receive network (IP) commands on a node js server and then sends the commands through Bluetooth to coffee machine.
Delonghi’s Bluetooth commands were sniffed using an Android phone and then we used these commands on the RPI3 server node js code.

RPI3 server can receive commands from any IP device. In my scenario , I use Samsung Smartthings and a customized DTH (device handler) written in Groovy.
My device handler receives commands either from Smartthings app or from Alexa and then sends them to RPI3 server in a HTTP REST request.
Not to use multiple devices, I’ve made the integration with a switch type device handler which also has level capability. According to the received power level, device handler differentiates between requested drink type.

Currently following coffee types are supported (hex codes for these were sniffed):

  • espresso
  • double esspresso
  • capuccino
  • capuccino mix
  • doppio plus
  • americano

Holy crap, that’s amazing! Nice work. Rasp Pi and the rest of your explanation is a total foreign language to me, but it’s cool as hell!

Looks nice, but you need a robot first to remove the milk container from the fridge and replace metal mug to a coffee cup after the initial rinsing.

Otherwise, don’t you think that’s a bit disappointing in these expensive coffee machines, that the milk container or the water tank scratches the polished metal grill on the drip tray?

By the way, you could share your code of this project.

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