Filtrete 3m-50, zwave

Hello I’m new to smartthings, looking to install my 3m-50, I bought the zwave u snap, can’t connected any help…


You haven’t provided enough information on what errors/issues you’re having with connectivity, so I’ll take a shot at helping…

I’m assuming this is the one you have, and followed the inclusion processes correctly for both the thermostat and SmartThings?

@johnconstantelo I connected the usnap and I see the R1 and r2 but can make the smart things see it

Within the SmartThings app when you’re trying to connect, are you selecting Connect New Device, or are you looking for your specific device? I recommend the generic “Connect New Device” way of adding it.

Also, which slot is the zwave module in? I don’t have one of those thermos, but it should be easy to include. Also, was it included in any other network before? if so, exclude it, and then re-include it.

Network Inclusion/Exclusion:

  1. Set your primary controller to INCLUDE mode, to add the thermostat as a node on
    your network (see your specific controller’s User Manual for detailed instructions.)

  2. Press and release the MENU button on the thermostat.

  3. Press the Mate Button - This will bring you to the network joining screen .

  4. If you only have 1 U-SNAP module inserted in the thermostat you will see a r1 or
    r2 to indicate that the radio is in slot 1 or slot 2. If you have multiple radios you
    can select which radio you want to join the network by selecting either r1 or r2
    from the top left hand corner of the screen. When you have selected a radio, the
    large r1 or r2 will appear in the center of the screen.

  5. When the radio is selected and the large r1 or r2 is on the center of the screen,
    press the mate button, this will initiate the mating process. When a device has
    joined a network the word «LINK» will appear under the radio tower. Similarly,
    when you are trying to leave a network, the word «LINK» will disappear when the
    node has successfully left the network.

For deleting the thermostat as a node, use the mate button to activate the ZWave®
signal when in General Exclude mode in SmartThings.