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Filtrete 3M-50 Wi-Fi Thermostat. Version 2.0 Released 12/17/2016

Hello I’m new to smartthings, looking to install my 3m-50, I bought the zwave u snap, can’t connected any help…

This thread is about Wi-Fi version, not Z-Wave.

Have you guys made the WiFi work? I have the hub 2

Yes, it works for me. You’ll have to install Pollster to update thermostat status periodically.

It’s pretty great with the Wifi-connected RadioThermostat-made thermostats including CT80, CT30 and Filtrete 3M-50. This integration to ST did not break the native RadioThermostat phone-app connection NOR the web-portal control to the thermostat, so remote control has been robust.

I use hubv1 but I think hubv2 is likely similar in this regard.

@ero4444, I can see to find the thermostat with my ST any advice

You have another discussion asking for help on this same thermostat question, but it’s zwave related. Are you trying to include the wifi or zwave version of the thermostat? I thought you have the usnap zwave module installed.

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as johnconstantelo suggested, make sure you are referring to Wifi. I have no advice regarding Zwave connection to RadioThermostat-brand-specific devices. I think Wifi is likely the best way to connect to these devices because of the dedicated, non-ST phone-app that allows remote access at the same time as the ST connection to this thermostat.

I did not have to do anything special other than install geko’s CUSTOM devicetype via IDE, via the instructions and posts earlier in this thread.

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curious if anyone has been tried this after my problem.
i never want the schedule on the thermostat to work. i want rule machine to run based off presence, modes, and outside temperature. well every time i changed the temp i found it kept reverting back to the schedule bc it was temporary per the schedule. every time i press hold to disable the schedule and rule would change the temp later, it would remove hold. so by using rule machine i didnt realize with the expert features you can add the holdOn command. thank you again for making this device type and making this cheap thermostat better than a nest👍

@geko I just wanted to come back here and thank you. I’ve been using this integration with SmartThings but never really hooked it into anything. But, now the Echo supports Thermostats through Ecobee, Nest, and most importantly, some Honeywell or something via SmartThings. I was hoping that “a thermostat is a thermostat” with smartthings. I eagerly added the Radio Thermostat to the Alexa’s permissions and told the Echo to discover new devices.

I was instantly able to control the thermostat via the Echo using your code! Thanks so much!

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@geko still getting Celsius to Fahrenheit error

3:32:55 PM EST: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script14576419395291544439225.temperatureCtoF() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.Double) values: [21.200000762939453] @ line 352

Appreciate any help I can get!

It reads the thermostat just fine, but when i go to change temp within ST app, I get the above mentioned error! arghhh been waiting so long:(

Any plans to make is compatible with the zwave USNAP?

With the exception of not showing battery %, the default thermostat device handler should work, as well as potentially other community developed DH’s.

i found the zwave usnap to be unreliable. but i havent tried with the new more reliable pollster app

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Ok, wow. Got this up and running and really pleased. I figured my 3M-50
was too old technology to get it to work.

I also have Amazon Echo working with it… there I have some questions. I cannot seem to get Alexa to tell me the current temperature on the thermostat… and can I tell Alexa to either put the thermostat into away mode (on the thermostat), or remove from away mode? Thanks

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by the standard Echo/ST integration you won’t get thermostat operating point feedback - it’s just commands.

I don’t think you can set away mode either, as of 2-3 months ago you could just set the setpoint.

You may be able to get the temperature via “programmers kit” developed by N8XD but it seems non-trivial.

Also MichaelS is working on a new version of AlexaHelper/AskAlexa, that might be easier to implement -

so you could read up on those.

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Thermostats DO show up with a capability.temperatureMeasurement which can be queried with these new kits and apps.

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Is anyone else having a problem with the default schedule in the 3M thermostat overridding smartthings smart app?

I notice my thermostat continually changing itself, and even turning itself off. Very frustrating. I’ve hard reset the device itself several times. Have not re-configured the device within smartthings yet. Will try that and see how it works.

the locally-programmed schedules are always operational and I think at equal priority to any commands from ST or Alexa, unless you set AWAY/HOLD. So the last command wins every time.

IMO that is the best part of this integration. If the ST remote control breaks (which happens occasionally), the Tstat continues to operate on its locally-programmed time-schedule. If the ST control continues to work then the setpoints are adjusted for the current ST mode/routine. FYI I don’t use ST time schedules in ST modes.

And the 3M/Filtrete portal continues to connect independently whenever I want to check the history or issue a manual setpoint change. win-win-win.

If you don’t want locally programmed time schedules then delete them from the Tstat. I dis-recommend this option since you then need the thermostat to ALWAYS receive timely commands from ST. A brief history of ST should convince you to have a Plan B. Plan C is good too.

If you aren’t using the same temp setpoints in your locally programmed time schedules, as in your ST modes/routines, then I see how the setpoints may seem inconsistent/constantly changing.

I have two thermostats on my network would that affect the installation? I followed the instructions but it cant seem to connect for either device. Thanks