Fidure Disapearance?

Creating a general thread so the people involved with Fidure can respond to questions or concerns about the status of their product.

Personally I ordered two of their Thermostats on April 1st expecting a delivery sometime at the end of the month like their website still claims, now after beginning June and multiple attempts at phone calls and emails, that have all gone unanswered I am left wondering, what happened? where did this product go? it showed such promise.

It seems that many others here have encountered the same issue, can we please have someone from the company address this, I would be fine with just an update (i.e. hey we got a bunch of orders that we are backed up, we now expect a date for delivery) would suffice.

Sincerely, a now just curious fan that one day hopes to have his order fulfilled.


I used a Fidure in my house since 2015, however I had a support case and no one answers. They also stopped selling the product. Do they still exist? I think SmartThings web page should definitely stop advertising this product.

I didn’t have a good feeling about them, but hoped I was wrong…