Fidure A1-730 Thermostat

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I installed the Fidure A1-730 Thermostat last week. Installation involves removing existing thermostat and putting A1-730 in it’s place per the Installation Guide.

If, like me, you have a Black or Blue wire (C: “Common Wire”) that was not being used by the old thermostat, it may need to be connected to your furnace. If you know how to do electrical work and can follow your furnace manufacturer’s instructions, you could do this yourself. If you are unsure, hire a professional HVAC person to replace your thermostat and do any modifications to your wiring.

I like the looks of the A1-730, and it was found quickly by ST Hub v2, was easy to configure and is working well for us.

UPDATE: Added link to the Fidure A1-730 SmartThings Device Handler (updated 2016-1-29)

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Continuing the discussion from Zigbee thermostat coming?:

Continuing the discussion from Zigbee thermostat coming?:

Continuing the discussion from Zigbee thermostat coming?:

Continuing the discussion from Zigbee thermostat coming?:

One thing I just noticed with the A1-730 in the ST App, when I click the Up Arrow to increase the temp, the furnace immediately kicked on, which was GREAT!, but the Temp number (bottom left of pic) did not change from 68 to 69, so it makes it appear as if I did NOT change the Temp. I am going to email support to fix this issue.

Not sure why the 2nd picture is so yellow - camera operator error… The true color of the A1-730 is per the 1st picture.

GO HAWKEYES! 10-0!!!

@CDJ Since you have had your thermostat for about 8 days. What are your thoughts on the product so far?

I am still waiting for an email with a tracking #. It will be 30 days next monday since I ordered my. The support people have yet to email me back.

Once you install the thermostat the power should come on right away on it, right? Mine will not power on…

Yes. Do you have 5 wires connected to the TStat?

I like everything except not being able to control the furnace fan with ST. Hopefully they will add that soon

Yep got all 5. R,Y,W,C and G. The scream is blank. When I add the face flare I hear it kick the unit so I know it’s talking.

Is the C (black or blue) wire connected at the furnace too?

Yes (blue) looked like it was.

The first thing I would verify is your blue ©ommon wire is connected to the correct post screw in your furnace. Only if the C wire is passing enough volts to your TStat will it power it correctly.

Thanks, I’ll check that out tomorrow morning when I get off work. I took down my old thermostat and noticed that the blue wire was never hooked up and all i was using was batteries. I reconnected the old one to see if it would work with it and still same thing. So maybe your right and I’m not getting enough or any power at all. I already have a call in for the company that installed my unit and they will be out wednesday if not sooner. Ill post with updates on what the issue was.

Yeah thats the same situation I had - my old thermostat ran on battery and my C wire was not hooked up at the thermostat or at the furnace.

Is anyone else seeing strange set points in the smartthings app? I am not seeing the correct number in comparison with what is displayed on the thermostat itself. I see 68.3 in the app, but 69.0 on the thermostat as an example.

I ended up calling the ac guy to come out. He figured out what was wrong and got me up and running!

What apps are y’all using?

@sdk1414 yes I see that same thing.

Hi @FidureAlex,

I’m in the UK and currently have a simple wired thermostat: Honeywell T6360 Room Thermostat. I want to do a direct replacement of it and use it’s power source to power the Fidure.

A bit more info - it connects to my Combi-boiler which is a Vaillant like this one.

Would I be able to replace thermostat with your A1-730? Or do I need to buy an adapter?

I’m not exactly a thermostat expert and all the documentation about them online is quite US-centric so need some reassurance :smile: