Fibaro zw3 flood sensors

Installed 3 fibaro zw3 sensors and they originally report in smartthings but then don’t communicate until tampered with. Won’t report temperature until something wakes them up. They are reporting in IDE. Any help is appreciated

I have one and just looked at the “recently” in the ST app for it. It’s random at when it wakes up and reports temperature…sometimes it is a little over an hour, other times it is over 5 or 6 hours.

I’m not sure the logic on that, but it isn’t being tampered with.

Mine will not report into to SmartThings app for days and then only after manually waking it up.

My one is zw5 it is a UK zwave version zero problem since installed for months, the reporting of temperature is at irregular intervals but never need to do anything to wake it, probably the most reliable device in my environment even if it is one floor away from the ST Hub