Fibaro Z-Wave Smart Implant Added as a Light

Hi there, I wonder if anyone can solve this please?

Suddenly my z-wave Fibaro Smart Implants have appeared under Lights in the iOS app:

But when I press the 3 dots in Lights the devices aren’t listed, so I can’t exclude, or include them in the first place!

I don’t want to see them as lights!

How to resolve this glitch please?

This also applies to other devices, such as multi-purpose sensors, which have temperature sendor and are displayed in the temperature group and are not included in the selection list.

The solution is in the hands of smartthing, if they want to solve it!


But this just happened out of the blue today!?!

In Android I’ve seen this happen when internal state is out of sync with the app. Clearing cached data and restarting the app can often fix it if its not a bug in the current version.

I’m not an iOS person so I dont know if you can clear cached data associated with an app without uninstalling/reinstalling.

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