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'Fibaro Z-Wave FGK-101 Temperature & Door/Window Sensor' Full Support Handler



Well some progress has been made, I attached the naked DS18B20 and the Fibaro is reading 85 degrees which is not correct. Some threads online suggest that this is some kind of error reading from the DS18B20, I have tried 3 so far. I will continue, hoping that it is not the Fibaro.

I decided to throw the sensor in the refrigerator to see if it brought the temperature down and the 85 degrees was a product of the short connections and self heating. Turns out it was, temperature is much closer to real temp and in Fahrenheit. So I don’t think it was a function of a faulty Fibaro. I have reset the sensor with your device handler and I will see if it has full functionality after confirming the hardware is working. I will update this post in case other people have similar problems in the future.

(Dave N) #428

I was getting ready to get this contact and probe in preparation for the summer pool/solar water heater I built but…
While searching I discovered this FGFS-101-ZW5. It is Z-Wave+, waterproof and floats; ticks all the boxes.
Is there any change the DTH would work for this in your opinion? @geeji

(JJG) #429

You provided no URL for your FGFS-101-ZW5, so it is very difficult to answer.
But if it is not a Fibaro device, my custon Device Handler has zero chance to work in full.
Zwave is a « standard », but like too many « open standards » it normalize properly (well, 98%) the electrical/radio layer, but the above layers are specific to every manufacturer.

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(Dave N) #430

Sorry for not providing URL

(JJG) #431

Sorry, it won’t work : the Fibaro Flood Sensor Manual shows that Parameters numbers are completely different.
Beware that it is NOT water-proof, but “sink-proof” : it floats above water.
But I would not bet it does not oxidize when floating for too long (it is intended to float just for the duration of the flood alarm).

(Dave N) #432

Thanks for the input. I did find n the FAQ where they confirm waterproof as that was one of y questions. It does take external probes but I’ll just go back to the tried and true FGK-101


Thank you very much for writing and maintaining this DTH, I had been looking for a wireless thermometer solution for a swimming pool for sometime. Pleasantly surprised to find out that the Fibaro FGK-10x are capable of supporting an additional DS18B20. I can confirm that an FGK-101 V2.5 with JJ’s Fibaro FGK-10x ZW5 Handler v0.9.7.4 with a 10 meter DS18B20 is working well with about + - 2 degrees accuracy. This this linked into Action tiles and I no longer have to wander up my garden to see the temperature in the Pool :slight_smile: .

(JJG) #434

I am glad it helped ! :smile:
Note that accuracy should be better than +/-2°C : DS18B20 datasheet gives “±0.5°C accuracy from -10°C to +85°C”, and my custom Device Handler sends temperatures updates as soon as a ±0.3°C variation since last update is detected by the FGK-10x.


How confident are you in the accuracy of this ? One of the biggest challenges is finding accurate readings My Air source heat pump is way off and I have to calibrate it up by about 7c and then its out by 3c against floating digital thermo which I know is defo + or -2. If I use an infrared thermo then its different as well.

It would appear that DS18B20 is in the Medium so I will go with that. Why all the fuss? The heat source pump is runs at 5KWh and just a degree or so can mean the difference of running for several hours more. Which is about £60 ($80) a month difference or £300 ($400) a season.

So thanks again because the pool is nice and warm and I can manage the costs much better.

Heat Pump 27.6
Digital Thermo 32.2
Infrared Thermo 31.8
DS18B20 30.3

(JJG) #436

Excellent question…
Obviously, the bigger the pool, the more likely are temperatures variations at different measurement points.
Also, I wonder the accuracy of an infrared thermometer, where part of the reflected infrared comes from below surface layers.
Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine.

The only thing I can add is that the consistency of various DS18B20, bought at different times from various vendors, is pretty good, since I measured 14 of those, with discrepancies [Max-Min] below 0.14°C (around 20-22°C).


I’m comfortable to go with the DS modules readings and have dialed down the heat source pump. I’m going to add another DS to act as a general temp monitor for the deck area and see how that goes.