'Fibaro Z-Wave FGK-101 Temperature & Door/Window Sensor' Full Support Handler

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So I’ve been using this setup in conjunction with the Has Barkley Been Fed smart app. I have the contact sensor rigged to the lid of my tank to monitor open and close. All of a sudden a couple of weeks ago i no longer get reminders from the Barkley smart app. I even have a second modified app running as a backup (one for push and one for SMS) and nothing from that one either.
Just curious if anyone ran into the same problem. The FGK is reporting open/close correctly at the time.

Thanks for all the work on this, I think it’s exactly what I need. I have all the physical pieces ready for this but I can’t get the IDE to cooperate, I must be super dense because it’s working for everyone else.

I have tried to add the handler but I get this message every time:

Groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: static java.lang.Long.toHexString() is applicable for argument types: (java.math.BigDecimal) values: [3.90625] Possible solutions: toHexString(long), toString(), toString(), toString(), toString(long), toString(long, int)

I’m not sure what I am doing wrong:

  • In IDE I click “Create New Device Handler”
  • Select tab “From Code”
  • Pasting code from Post 1 or Post 32
  • Click Create
  • Get above error message

I was unsuccessful with pasting the code from this thread. But pasting the code from the github itself worked first try. For some reason the code was broken within the thread for me.

The code from the link below is what worked if anyone is having a similar problem:


Can you elaborate on this a bit more? I have tried what you suggested commenting out and including all code related to temperature and the panels and information are not displaying.

I apologise, but this forum software does not allow modification of too old posts.
So the custom Handler code in post 1 is completely obsolete, and I cannot replace it nor flag it as obsolete.
As you already discovered, only the github 2 versions are up to date, and their links given In some of my most recent posts.
Beware that the custom Handler code you downloaded is compatibe only with NON ZW5 versions of FGK-101.

No problem, I read through the whole post again and found your new Github link for the ZW5 software. Unfortunately it is doing the same frustrating thing for me as some other people.


I have the encased/extended probe connected and the UI on Smartthings classic is not showing temperature. It has the small thermometer icon but is not registering any temperature return. I have tried 3 probes so far and I have also tried unpairing/hard reset/battery removal and it still refuses to check temp. I thought maybe it was a function of delayed signalling so I modified the code to make 1-2 minute calls and still nothing.

Even more frustrating is that the “ZW5 with temperature” published setting in the IDE changes the app UI but does not give a temperature reading. I’m going to try my last two probes and hope something changes but I’ve even tried a 4.7 resistor in desperation. I guess the next logical step would be to try a different probe/fixed chip.

Thanks for all the help and responses on this thread the device handler looks great, wish I could get it working!

I am sorry it does not work for you. Between the multiple incompatible versions of FGK-10x and the non upward compatible changes within the SmartThings cloud, it is difficult to locate the exact source of pronlems.
What is the exact version of your FGK-10x ?
When you activate Live Login within the IDE, do you get any error message ?


Live login:
I get no error messages related to the “Fibaro Door/Window Sensor ZW5”
There is only one series of events listed within the last hour no updates.

Well, you do have the proper (ZWave+) version of the Handler.
If your temperature is stable (less than +/-0.3°C variations), the Handler will report temperature only every 4 hours.
If you read the whole thread, you know that the FGK-10x should be paired to the SmartThings Hub ONLY after the DS18B20 is electrically connected.
Also I suppose you checked your battery is above 50%.
Beware that remote DS18B20 probes do not all have the same color codes for wires; you should check with a naked DS18B20 that the FGK-101 works (need to unpair/reset/repair).
Unfortunately, without more data, I cannot tell what is wrong.


Thanks for the suggestions, I tried to trigger the reporting with the TMP button as well as gripping the probe and releasing to fluctuate temperature.

I did connect the probe first before pairing. I also have unpaired and repaired numerous times as well as deleting it from IDE and pairing again. I also did a hard reset with the sensor (both TMP buttons).

Battery reports at 100% and the door sensor reports open close.

I have a pack of 10 naked DS18B20 chips coming in the mail hopefully I just got a bad batch of probes. I will do a hard reset and connect the new DS18B20 when they arrive and I will post results. Thanks for the help!


Well some progress has been made, I attached the naked DS18B20 and the Fibaro is reading 85 degrees which is not correct. Some threads online suggest that this is some kind of error reading from the DS18B20, I have tried 3 so far. I will continue, hoping that it is not the Fibaro.

I decided to throw the sensor in the refrigerator to see if it brought the temperature down and the 85 degrees was a product of the short connections and self heating. Turns out it was, temperature is much closer to real temp and in Fahrenheit. So I don’t think it was a function of a faulty Fibaro. I have reset the sensor with your device handler and I will see if it has full functionality after confirming the hardware is working. I will update this post in case other people have similar problems in the future.

I was getting ready to get this contact and probe in preparation for the summer pool/solar water heater I built but…
While searching I discovered this FGFS-101-ZW5. It is Z-Wave+, waterproof and floats; ticks all the boxes.
Is there any change the DTH would work for this in your opinion? @geeji

You provided no URL for your FGFS-101-ZW5, so it is very difficult to answer.
But if it is not a Fibaro device, my custon Device Handler has zero chance to work in full.
Zwave is a « standard », but like too many « open standards » it normalize properly (well, 98%) the electrical/radio layer, but the above layers are specific to every manufacturer.

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Sorry for not providing URL

Sorry, it won’t work : the Fibaro Flood Sensor Manual shows that Parameters numbers are completely different.
Beware that it is NOT water-proof, but “sink-proof” : it floats above water.
But I would not bet it does not oxidize when floating for too long (it is intended to float just for the duration of the flood alarm).

Thanks for the input. I did find n the FAQ where they confirm waterproof as that was one of y questions. It does take external probes but I’ll just go back to the tried and true FGK-101

Thank you very much for writing and maintaining this DTH, I had been looking for a wireless thermometer solution for a swimming pool for sometime. Pleasantly surprised to find out that the Fibaro FGK-10x are capable of supporting an additional DS18B20. I can confirm that an FGK-101 V2.5 with JJ’s Fibaro FGK-10x ZW5 Handler v0.9.7.4 with a 10 meter DS18B20 is working well with about + - 2 degrees accuracy. This this linked into Action tiles and I no longer have to wander up my garden to see the temperature in the Pool :slight_smile: .

I am glad it helped ! :smile:
Note that accuracy should be better than +/-2°C : DS18B20 datasheet gives “±0.5°C accuracy from -10°C to +85°C”, and my custom Device Handler sends temperatures updates as soon as a ±0.3°C variation since last update is detected by the FGK-10x.

How confident are you in the accuracy of this ? One of the biggest challenges is finding accurate readings My Air source heat pump is way off and I have to calibrate it up by about 7c and then its out by 3c against floating digital thermo which I know is defo + or -2. If I use an infrared thermo then its different as well.

It would appear that DS18B20 is in the Medium so I will go with that. Why all the fuss? The heat source pump is runs at 5KWh and just a degree or so can mean the difference of running for several hours more. Which is about £60 ($80) a month difference or £300 ($400) a season.

So thanks again because the pool is nice and warm and I can manage the costs much better.

Heat Pump 27.6
Digital Thermo 32.2
Infrared Thermo 31.8
DS18B20 30.3

Excellent question…
Obviously, the bigger the pool, the more likely are temperatures variations at different measurement points.
Also, I wonder the accuracy of an infrared thermometer, where part of the reflected infrared comes from below surface layers.
Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine.

The only thing I can add is that the consistency of various DS18B20, bought at different times from various vendors, is pretty good, since I measured 14 of those, with discrepancies [Max-Min] below 0.14°C (around 20-22°C).