'Fibaro Z-Wave FGK-101 Temperature & Door/Window Sensor' Full Support Handler

I realize this isn’t helpful, but I felt compelled to publicly thank “JJG” for looking to help and working with people on this device/handler. Dude, you helped me over 2 years ago and things are still working perfectly.

It’s too bad Fibaro changes their code like it were underwear.

I am back up and running. I found the problem by using live logging and editing my device at the same time. When I tried to change the type back to your DH the live logging showed similar error as you posted above. In my case the error occurred at line 116 (yes, inside the simulator code)
I comment out the following line (116):

// status “temperature ${Ti}°C”: zwave.multiChannelV3.multiChannelCmdEncap(sourceEndPoint:2, destinationEndPoint:2).encapsulate(zwave.sensorMultilevelV5.sensorMultilevelReport(scaledSensorValue: i, precision: 2, scale: 0, sensorType: 1, sensorValue: theSensorValue, size:4)).incomingMessage()

Once I did that I could re-assign your DH to my device AND I was getting updates. Happy… Very happy :slight_smile:

@cdikland : Thanks a lot, you found the problem I missed just under my eyes.
I apologize for stupidly assuming the lines number in the error messages could not be related to my custom Device Handler, because “obviously” the simulator was inactive unless used.
I should have remembered there is nothing “obvious” in the SmartThings platform…

Short term, depending on whether you use the pre-ZW5 v0.9.5.1 or the ZW5 v0.9.7.2 version of the handler, you should comment out lines 104 or 115 of the handler, i.e. those starting with :

status “temperature ${Ti}°C”: zwave.multiChannelV3.multiChannelCmdEncap(sourceEndPoint:2, destinationEndPoint:2).encapsulate(…

No need to reinstall the Device Handler, just modify your own copy from the IDE and “Save / Publish for me”. FGK-101 Devices will come back on-line as they wake up.

Note also that there is one more difference after this correction, the temperatures values are displayed with 2 decimal places (only 1 before). I will look into that when I have more time.

For whatever reason, I could not modify the github reference versions of the handlers this morning, but I will do so as soon as it is working properly again.
Thanks again to @cdikland, who took off my blind eyeglasses :smile:

@Woo Thanks Fred, I appreciate. But as you can see from the latest posts, this time I badly missed the ball, and it is cdikland who deserves congratulations :+1:

I just updated the github repository, both the pre-ZW5 v0.9.5.2 and the ZW5 v0.9.7.3 version of the handler, correcting both the simulator issue and the 2 decimal digits issue (now back to 1).
Remember that the [pre-ZW5 v0.9.5.2 version is just published for historical compatibility purpose, since the latest ZW5 v0.9.7.3 version of the handler does ALSO support pre-ZW5 FGK-10x Devices.

Lines corrected are respectively (104, 383) and (115, 367).
If anybody understands what irked groovy/java/smartthings in line 104/115, let me know and I will incorporate your correction, because at that time, given the cryptic error message, I am kind of reluctant to spend hours for trials and errors…

Once again, thanks to SmartThings for forcing us to improve (?!!) our code…
…by breaking it ! :crazy_face:


sorry, not very savy with this. Can you explain how to fix? Do I just copy paste the new zw5 v0.9.7.3 over the original device handler and save? Or are there any more steps. Thank you guys for being so prompt!

Ok the new handler works! Confirmed just copy paste new version over old, just took a little bit to update. Thanks again!

Aaand it looks like it stopped reading again yesterday…

All my 11 FGK-101 are still reporting fine (I am in France), so either it is a SmartThings cloud problem specific to your area, or it is a problem specific to your own configuration.
Have you checked the FGK-10x battery level ?

I can confirm that this device is reporting properly. I am in the eastern time zone of NA.

I too cannot get mine to report. I’ve tried updating handler, removing device from hub, reconnecting and updating handler. Once I am past the initial connect I get no refresh in the app. Also the sensor keeps blinking rapidly, about 2 per second.

Definitely NOT normal.
Did it ever work ? With the SmartThings default handler ?

The only thing I can confirm is that my 11 FGK-101 still work fine.

Open/close reports correctly on the default handler.

Does the default handler also leads to a blinkimg FGK-101 ? If yes, you have a faulty FGK-101 hardware.
Also, use the default Handler to report the FGK-101 firmware version (see above in this thread).
And reset the FGK-101 to factory settings WITH the DS18B20 attached inside (see above and FGK-101 notice), unpair + re-pair the Device.
Without more data, there is nothing else I can suggest.

Not sure I am reading it correctly.
Raw Description zw:S type:2001 mfr:010F prod:0700 model:2000 ver:2.05 zwv:3.67 lib:03 cc:30,9C,60,85,72,70,86,80,56,84,7A ccOut:2B ep:[‘2001 30’, ‘2101 31’]
Is “zwv” the firmware number?

No, “ver:2.05” is the FGK firmware version, which is older than the “2.1” I have on my own FGK-101.
“zwv:3.67” is your Hub’s Z-wave protocol version (mine is 3.41).

But AFAIK, there is very little difference between 2.05 and 2.1, so my custom Handler should work on both.
May be a user of my custom Handler with FGK-101 2.05 firmware could confirm ?

I switched to the handler and works perfectly now. Thank you for helping me understand where to find the firmware version. :+1:

Aaand, I get a connection and reporting for a little while. Then the dreaded double blink returns and stops reporting again. Opening and closing sensor reports almost immediately, but then I miss out on the temperature reporting in between. Very odd…

Did you check the battery level ?
Anything below 50% can create erratic behavior, and requires a battery replacement.

So it seems like it had a pretty full battery, but after all the blinking, resetting and reconnecting the battery is now drained. I can barely see the light off the LED anymore. Going to try a fresh battery and contact ST directly for help. Otherwise I will be shelling out for a new sensor. I got this one on eBay for cheap so, lesson learned.