Fibaro Wall Plug - Change Colors?

For those who’ve bought be new Fibaro wall switch - have any of you figured out how to manually change the colors of the light? I’m wondering if it’s possible to trigger certain colors and use as a notification device (i.e. home mode equals green, night mode equals blue, etc.).

I just took a look at @ClassicGOD’s DTH and it doesent have the function to programically set the ring colour outside of the preferences page.

[RELEASE] Fibaro Wall Plug ZW5 (Z-Wave+) DTH

All it needs is a custom command that accepts 3nr external parameters, to remotely change a parameter using webCoRE.

Add the following at the top of the DTH with the other commands:

Command “changeSingleParam”

And place this in the main body of the DTH between two of the existing def… blocks:

def changeSingleParam(paramNum, paramSize, paramValue) {
	log.debug "changeSingleParam(paramNum: $paramNum, paramSize: $paramSize, paramValue: $paramValue)"
 zwave.configurationV2.configurationSet(parameterNumber: paramNum, size: paramSize, scaledConfigurationValue: paramValue)

To sync the custom command over to webCoRE, go to the WC app in ST and remove the device, then go back in and re-add it (this won’t break your existing pistons as the device ID won’t change)

When building the webCoRE action, choose the plug as your device and you should see the new custom command in the dropdown list.

Click add parameter, and give it the parameter number you want to change (41 or 42 for ring colour when on / when off)

Add another parameter with the parameter size (which is 1 for both params 41/42 - for other params see the manual for the ‘byte’ value shown next to each param)

add another parameter for the value you want to set (i.e. 4 = red, 5 = green etc)

I don’t have one of these devices so can’t test this myself, but it should work.

Maybe @ClassicGOD would consider adding the feature officially so that it plays nicely with the sync tile as well? My method provides no feedback on a successful / failed sync.


You might need to change scaledConfigurationValue To configurationValue

I think I’m getting my v1 and v2’s mixed up lol