Fibaro ubs & door entry keypad

Hi, I thought this would be easy but clearly I’m missing something.

I have purchased a cheap door entry keypad (

Here is the wiring diagram:

I’ve set it up so that if a valid fob or code is swiped/entered, the led flashes green for about 10 seconds to indicate it’s been accepted / unlocked.

I have wired the PUSH connection to my fibaro ubs.

Here is the wiring diagram:

So I have connected the PUSH (panel) to IN1 (fibaro).

My fibaro has been installed for some time, using the DTH from cjcat

Now, what I wanted to do was to simply see when the panel was unlocked - which I believed would be easy. Link push to in1, see the contact’s status change in smartthings, only to change back again a few seconds later once my panel re-locked.

I don’t see any changes, could someone please assist? It’s driving me mental! = )