Fibaro Things - General

These should help. Background is standard us graph paper.

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Bending the device leads as they have shown on their site to fit the temp sensor within the device case may be unrealistic, presumably the leads are breaking at the sensor case when you are bending them?
Yup, see post above^^^

Yeap when the bend they are breaking.

I would suggest soldering some wire to it, and connecting via a decent gauge wire…

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@wackware @darrylb @Mike_Maxwell

Thanks a lot for all the help to a non-handy person like me. I broke the freaking third one too. As such even the open/close sensing was very slow. I just tried it as a open/close once the temp thing broke and it was very slow to register events. I was using the pre-release code from @wackware and assuming that it is the latest. Not sure though as that thread has no comments or anything. Just the code.

Worst case… Will send it back to Anazin and get a third motion sensor instead which is awesome.

Thanks again. I so so appreciate it. Lost 10-12 dollars coz of the stiupid temp thingie. :frowning:

@wackware Is this the latest code? Was going to give at least the motion part another try before I return it.

@darrylb @Mike_Maxwell If you guys have it installed in your house, do you mind sharing the picture of your door or window? They say 5 mm distance, right? Open/close was very slow for me in the ST app.

I must be doing something very wrong. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, guys!

i went the monoprice route for door/window sensors, in testing these state notification was instantaneous…

Aah! My windows are all ADT. :wink: All doors are ST multis.

Ok I got the door/window sensor to somehow work partially. Anybody using that thing? Please please post a picture of your mount. Totally confused about it. ST multi magnets appear to be much stronger.

PS: not using the temp. though. Fibaro Things and Cree things!

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Now that the motion sensors are officially supported I would be interested to hear how folks think they stack up to the Aeon Multi (or others). I like the little footprint. It’s a little pricy still though.

I personally like how small they are, and the form factor, myself! contemplating whether or not I want to get one for my house!

officially supported or not, things are awesome. Aside from the sweet form factor, they are immensely configurable, and totally annoying in their default state… blinky blinky…
They seem a little slower, maybe 500ms or so to trigger motion than the ST2 motions, however they have a sensitivity adjustment…

really? It looks like an eyeball to me, I kind of like the blinky blink, personally. But, perhaps you can tell already, I’m very easily amused.

You are not alone! My wife luvs it too…

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Send me a decent picture. Please! :slight_smile:

The picture of which angle in the room you installed it. It makes a big difference…

How is the battery life? The Aeon Multi battery life is not so go IMHO.

I’m not sure that the motion sensor’s themselves are to blame for being slightly slower. I directly associated a zwave light switch to the the fibaro motion sensor, and it was MUCH faster to turn on. So, this delay might be something that can be worked out on the server end (or with the v2 hardware.)

This mighy be silly question, but are the standard EU version Fibaro “things” supported by the standard US version of Smartthings hub?

If not, does anyone know where to get US specific versions of Fibaro Universal Dimmers OR CE(EU) version of Smartthings hub?