Fibaro Swipe

FIBARO Swipe was created to sense your gestures and bring your smart home to life! The Z-Wave enabled device recognizes 6 gesture shortcuts to make automating your home simple and fast. Place Swipe on the table or hide it behind a wall or under a table to truly impress your guests. Want to learn more about Swipe? Watch the video above.


I had the chance to play with at ISE earlier this year. It’s a fun device!

The version at ISE was a little finicky - there was definitely a learning curve. I’m interested to see if that’s ironed out of the production models.

ISE vid:

I’m not quite sure who the target market is, beyond just “people who think it’s cool”?

Maybe… using it in kitchens / other hygiene conscious areas, so you’re not touching the light switch, touching the food, touching the light switch…?

Thats pretty cool!! i like the idea of it being hidden… not quite sure how that works…

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Well, that’s very Ironman-like… :smile:


I find I use Amazon Echo the most when my hands are full or when I’m a distance from a switch. I don’t see Swipe helping these situations any better. There may be a need for a “secret” switch but I don’t personally have the need. What about false triggers? And a secret switch is not guest friendly.

Since we never had the means to do this before I suspect we will figure out a need down the road.

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Amen to this. We’re in the UK, so we don’t officially have Echo yet - but we got our hands on the US one and it seems really robust. Super interesting product.

Using a US Echo in the UK comes with its own set of quirks, of course - you can’t set any time zone outside the US, so the time of day is never correct; we can’t use Prime integration because it only supports Amazon US; the context-aware commands are all skewiff (if I say “play Radio One” - pretty much the main radio station in the UK - it’ll assume I want an American radio station called “radio one” instead). Not bugs at all, just us being too keen to adopt! :smile:

The detection distance on Swipe is very short, so there’s slim chance of false triggers - but it’s definitely not intuitive. I’ve worked in home automation for eight years now, selling Lutron, Crestron, Savant, Control4… the thing I always loved about the Fibaro philosophy is, where Lutron or others give you a complicated, proprietary keypad, Fibaro were like “hey, let’s just make the existing light switch smart”. No learning curve, your guests understand it instinctively, you can choose from any switch in the world rather than just what Lutron / other manufacturers give you… no reinventing the wheel. I’m a huge fan of intuitive control and making everyday objects smart. Swipe seems like a big departure from the design philosophy that drove Fibaro’s first products - as does the new intercom.

On that note, there are rumours about intercom being indoor/outdoor and incorporating Echo-style voice commands. Nothing concrete but it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.

As for Swipe, the only other compelling use case I can see is in high-end residential. We often have clients who are unhappy with “stock” switches, and commission their own with crazy custom finishes (see for example the Testa Motari stuff - We’ve had clients make controls out of shards of meteorite and all kinds of mad stuff. The fact you can embed swipe in a wall and then put a custom plate over it without worrying about the mechanics of it does open up some interesting possibilities. I love the idea of being able to sit down with a client and Adobe Illustrator / Autocad and saying “hey, you want your light switch to look like a crab riding a motorcycle? Sure, let’s do it!” :smile: it’s definitely a niche product though, and again, kind of a departure from the whole “automation for everyone” ethos.

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I wonder how the hidden under a table works . . . Genius if it does

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I won Fibaro’s Facebook Father’s Day giveaway, and I have the Swipe now. But it looks like the device drivers aren’t in SmartThings yet. I’ve reached out to Fibaro support (the contest required you had a smarthome, and SmartThings did qualify).

Anyways, once I get it working, I’ll report here on how it works.

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OK, I was able to get the device drivers and app for the Swipe today from Fibaro support. It works as you’d expect. The device beeps when it receives a command, and beeps slightly differently if it couldn’t do a proper read. I tried it under a table, and yes, it works that way too. Through both about 1" of laminated particle board and about 1" of teak wood (I think).

The device can be battery operated or powered by micro USB.

Let me know if you have any questions about it.

How responsive it is? And how complicated of a gesture can it support (since in the video it shows arming and disarming a security system). It looks super interesting.

It’s very responsive. I have it on batteries and when I tried a swipe 58 minutes after the last one, I didn’t have to wake it up (even though the manual talks about some sort of low-power mode). I’ll try again overnight.

The provided app walks you through each direction (up, down, left right), and you can assign multiple switches, scenes, SMS, messages, etc to each gesture, so a complext disable/enable would be possible. And with a custom app, then you could easily handle.

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Did you get the Swipe working in the Smartthings? I had mine working on my Fibaro Home Center 2 and loved it. It worked through the drywall as well as under the table with no problem. The HC2 was so buggy I went back to the Smartthings Hub but miss the Swipe.

There are two market segments for the “age in place” folks:

A) those who don’t want to have to walk over to a wall switch

B) those who find it physically difficult to manipulate a wall switch, whether it’s a pushbutton or a flip switch.

Voice solves this for many people, but not everyone. And not in every circumstance, as sometimes voice would wake up other people.

I am quadriparetic with very limited hand function and use a lot of touchless switches. :sunglasses:

Samsung’s executives have started talking about the value of IOT for aging in place use cases, so It’s starting to become a market concept.

Yeah, I had to get the device driver from Fibaro support. It doesn’t support the circle gestures, but I can turn things on and off by swiping up, up, down, down, left, right, left and right.


Are the device drivers available for download somewhere?

I sent an email to a few days ago and promptly got a ‘case notification number’, but have not heard from them since.

Bryan sent me the drivers, work great. Thanks Bryan!

There are 8 commands, single and double swipes in 4 directions. The double swipes take a little practice, but seem pretty reliable with the right technique.

I didn’t have much luck with it under my 3/4" bamboo desk. Under a 1/4" glass desk, the single swipes worked, but the double swipes usually turn into single swipes. Out in the open, the max air gap is around 1.5", the closer the swipe the more reliable it is detected.

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There is way to do it and I hv done it myself:

Any chance I could get the drivers as well??

did anyone get this to work with smartthings? i woud love to have the Fibaro swipe on my wall.

I have a tablet on the wall right now, but i’m only using 3-4 standard things, so with 6 options this would be awesome.

Brand new to HA and not very technical so any help would be great.
I running Smartthings, the Harmony hub, and only about 10 leviton switches.
I got the Fibaro Swipe hoping I could run some scenes from it, it added fine I think.
I can see it, but I can’t see any way of configuring it to do anything?