Fibaro Smart Implant

Aquarium water is potable (drinkable)—very different environment than a swimming pool. Saltwater aquariums Will also require different sensors. And as we mentioned in the other thread, swimming pools have a particular issue because the chemicals are usually dumped in all at once and then allowed to disperse, so you get an inrush overload, including the chlorine.

In these kinds of situations, the small details matter, so it is best to follow the manufacturer’s directions for any specific Sensor model. Or write and ask them if it can function in your specific environment.

There are definitely some continuously monitoring pH sensors designed for use in aquariums, but again the user manual will tell you if it could also be used in other kinds of liquids, including swimming pool water.

Could it be used in Webcore or the new Rules API? They seem to be able to sometimes access capabilities that don’t show up in the app itself.

I am not familiar with the new Rules API, but I tested it with a custom SmartApp and it works, so it will likely work with WebCore as well. I pushed the changes to GitHub.

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Hello all, has there been any progress or work around for the issue with these devices reading binary inputs when powering up after an outage or even initially? I saw a firmware update may have addressed the issue, but is it possible to update the firmware. I use these to monitor a mV heater and all goes well until the power goes out. (Of course the heater does not lose power), then I have to cycle the inputs to get them to read properly again.

The other issue that I keep running into with these is that anytime I make a change in the settings on the parent device, it turns both outputs (disassociated with the inputs) on and freezes the inputs until the contacts are cycled. I have the inputs set up as NC alarm contacts and they show up as off when closed. Is there a way to change this display? Changing the input in settings seems to have no affect on the display.

Thanks for all the great information!

I tried updating the firmware but from what I could find it can only be done by using a Fibaro hub. There is nothing I can do in the DTH to fix this.

This should be fixed in the latest version of the DTH

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Thank you for responding, I’m certainly no expert, but I updated the DTH a few days ago, or at least I attempted to… I didn’t see a revision indicator or date in the comments so I am hoping I grabbed the latest. From the IDE I created and published all 7 DTHs. Do I need to delete and add back the child devices for the new DTH to be active?

The two other issues are that I can’t seem to have the tiles on the app (IOS) show up “on” when the contacts are closed. Neither setting seems to change the appearance on the app for the alarm contact inputs. The second is that I have a DHT22 sensor connected to one of them and it displays Humidity on the main tile instead of temperature. I’m not sure if there is a way to change that to temperature or not…

In any event, thanks for the quick response… I know everyone is very busy these days and this is certainly not that big of a deal…


I’ve installed the DH’s and linked the device b ut all I can see is temperature, I’m guessing I’m doing something stupid as this is only my 4th day with SmartThings Hub… any idea what I’m doing wrong?