Fibaro Smart Implant

Can anyone explain to me how to wire this properly? Your reward will be: my life will be slightly more awesome.

I think you just wire P on the fibaro to the 24v, GND to GND, and the wires from either out1 or 2 to the command like they showed for the “wallstation”.
It won’t read if the gate is open or closed, but should be able to be control it

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You need to use the implant out1 wired into NO/C to trigger your gate.

Ovidiu, I installed the Fibaro Smart Implant using YOUR DH’s, all 7. It works beautifully. Thank you for the work you did…
I have bought another Smart Implant but the ST Classic APP is fully shut down… I tried pairing the device with the ST New App and it only pairs the parent with no child.
Have you had a chance to publish the DH’s for the New app.

BTW the Smart Implant that I loaded with the classic app works perfectly with the new app. BUT I cant install from the New app - does that makes sense ?

Tony, i loaded the Smart Implant with the classic app and all is great. I have recently bought another Smart Implant but The classic App is turned off, here in Canada… The “Migrated” screen comes up instantly so cant get to pair the device.

Have you determined if there is any other way … I have asked Ovidiu, in another thread, if he is publishing an update DH.

The Smart Implant is a brilliant device but without Ovidiu’s DH its kinda useless for ST.

I’m having the same trouble :frowning: anyone know how I can get the smart implant to work with just the new app?

I get the same problem. I’m unable to change my parameters with the new app. Seem no input are permitted. Did you try with the old app to make sure everything is ok on your side ?

Unfortunately the new app just close before I can try :confused:

No DH handlers exist for the New Smartthings app. Which is extremely unfortunate as the Fibaro SmartImplant is an excellent device but is literally a piece of useless plastic with the New Smartthings app.

I’ve contacted both Fibaro as well as Samsung and they both point at each other. I also tried to contact the author of the Classic apps DH, Ovidiu, (who appears to be our only hope) but no response.

I abandoned my device and replaced it with the Zooz multi relay. If you need a simple binary switch control, this maybe your best bet as well. DH handlers exist and its solid.

Ovidiu is a great coder for our community. Since the handler was developped by the community, it is not the responsability of both manufacturers. Any expert coder could modify the code to rescue but I think Smartthing have my problems to restore other handlers the may be isssu related to the SmartImplant issu. I think we will have to wait a moment since Smartthing heartbeat stabilized before updating the code.

Well that just sucks! just orderen a Fibaro smart implant and ST hub yesterday for my garage door ;(
Does anyone know of an alternative that can be used in europe? or should i just consider another platform :frowning: seems like my adventure ended before i even got started doh.

Hoping (praying) that someone writes a DH for the Smart Implant on New ST app… i had to put my Smart implant aside and use the Zooz Multi relay instead. It works well with New Smartthings as the DH’s are written.

Given all the incompatibility issues with the New ST app, I too am think of moving off ST. The only other pltform that appears stable and powerful (and able to run Webcore) is Hubitat.

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Cant find an Europe version of Zooz Multi relay so thats not an option for me, any other ideas?

Forget fibaro. Use a nodemcu with konnected software.

So, following this thread, and looking at what exists on the market today, with the new Smartthings, it seems that if you are in Europe and are looking for a z wave device with dry contacts with Smartthings, there is no solution. Am I missing something?

Haven’t tried it, but the this post mentions some options from aeotec maybe? I have my fibaro smart implant working, but I migrated to Hubitat so wouldn’t know.


I’ve installed one of the Fibrao Smart Implants today after reading the forums a few months ago and deciding this device is what I want/need for my garage door opener. Now I have returned to the forum to sort out the device handler and have read about the issues we are all having trying to set up a new device …

Is there any word on the plans by @ovidiu.pruteanu to make the DH compatible with the new app? Also would there be any chance of another DH working with the device so that it opens my garage door?

This is great.

I was able to successfully use the DH with my implant. I am not currently able to reinstall the device to get all of the child devices created but it seems to work when I tweaked the code to create the child Devices during “installed()”

One thing I noticed is that not all of the settings can be edited in the smartthings app (they are red when you insert a value), but otherwise it is reporting the parameters in the new ST app (the tiles in the DH are not used).

BTW I use my implant to monitor when the pump for my drinking water well comes on and how long it is on for.

BTW In the DH I was able to edit settings in the new ST app when I changed the “range” values from eg

range: "(0..3600)",


range: "0..3600",

Hi Jeremy. Could you describe how you connected the Fibaro Implant?

  • If I understand you correctly you have done it all in the new Smartthings app, not via the classic app first?
  • Did you do any manual edit in the DH before installing through new app? (the range change you mention above?)
  • What procedure did you use to connect the Fibaro Implant. Three pressures on the button?
    Thankyou if you have the opportunity to clarify. I have startet with the Implant now after the classic app is no longer possible to open. It is blocked by Samsungs message that a new version is tehre. By opening it with my Samsung account if for sure works somewhere in the background as alarms comes up on other sensors. Butr no possibility to open it to connect the Fibaro Implant :frowning: