Fibaro - Serious Competition

I may be a little bit behind the game, but I just discovered Fibaro’s site and their concept for how to roll out a smart home. I have to say that it looks absolutely beautiful. I think ST has some serious competition here regarding the intelligence and general feeling and context of the application.

To me, right now, ST is too much of a group of things sitting there waiting to be told what to do and having to custom write apps and scrips for some of the most useful and contextual functionality. The app also has way too many pages back & forth for simple adjustments.

These examples of fibaro intelligence seem like the way a smart home should work. And its exactly what I am hoping ST can be in the near future. It would take a lot of coding and custom app writing to accomplish this in ST right now.

Fibaro also has a system for writing a if/then sort of script for the scenes and I think thats pretty valuable. (bottom of page)

The basic concept of “If this happens” then “do this, then that, and also this, plus change this and adjust that” If I could write that out in a drag & drop timeline way, it would be amazing!

Keep it up ST dev team, Im excited about the future.


Yeah they seem interesting.

We experimented with this (almost exact) type of interface early on. What we found was that it was great for simple use cases. If This > Then That but the UI actually got in the way of thing that were much more complicated. We do have the concept of Rule Building inside the mobile app. It isn;t rolled out widely yet, as it still needs UI work. Hang in there!


Perhaps, you wouldn’t need rule building in the mobile apps and build it into the IDE only. You wouldn’t have to build it into the different iOS and Android apps, but just into the IDE, and a way to use those “rules” in the different UI.

I think the UIs for the mobile apps should stay simple, and these advanced rule building pieces should just be available in the IDE i think.



Agree with @thrash99er. The custom ruleset editing wouldn’t necessarily be needed in the mobile app, just on the web, or perhaps an iPad.
Im thinking if you had a list of devices in an accordion view on the side, when you select one it has an available capability or action for that device, you just drag it into the main panel to build your if/then statement.


It’s easy to appreciate how many users would prefer the visual representation - it’s something that non-programmers can generally identify with much more easily. But I can also appreciate @Ben’s point about the challenges. IMHO ideally the product would provide a combination of these two ideas - the ability to flip back and forth between a more visual representation and a “structured text” based representation. This would allow you to flip to the text-based format once the visual format started getting too unwieldy.

Of course what I’m proposing definitely introduces additional challenges - mainly evaluating and enforcing well-formedness conditions to the text-based rules when trying to convert into the visual representation, and balancing that with the goal of providing lots of flexibility. But in theory, it should be the same set of conditions that must be evaluated in order for the “code” to work, which is finite.

Really? May 14? thats a LOT of time to leave us without any news of something as basic as a rule builder…please guys, dont promise and fail, i think that if you need money you should increase the price of the hub, as of now i think im goin to the fibaro-side


I was going to order Fibaro also, but don’t have time right now to take the plunge.

Please keep us informed how it goes.

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Every system looks great in the pre-release video. :wink:

As far as I know, the Fibaro home Center two was only available in very limited quantities for US release, is currently unavailable, and several of the devices shown in their 2014 video are still on “coming soon” status for the U.S.

I do like their approach to scene management, and I do agree that it shouldn’t be an either/or situation but rather multiple UIs should be available. Voice, widgets, visual rules engine display, complex scripting. You shouldn’t have to give up one to get the other.

But when it comes to evaluating controllers, I only look at what is actually available for two day shipping now. :minibus:

Otherwise it’s all “pre-release” to me.

lol I was automating with a drag and drop rule builder on x10 for $40 nearly a decade ago. It’s insane that I need a smartapp to turn a light on when its dark lol.



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It wasn’t a “promise”, just a revelation that SmartThings is working on the concept.

New features are very slow to be released for SmartThings; though the pace could change at anytime. The tough part is maintaining stability while adding features.

You call this stability?


Nope… I said stability was “the tough part”.

No comment implied one way or the other on how well ST is handling that challenge.