Fibaro Roller Shutter vs. Aoetec Micro Motor controler for Dooya Shades

Hi! Im trying to automate the shades of my appartment wich currently I operate them through RF remote controls (433.92mhz). After reading the forums Ive found 3 ways I can try

  1. With Fibaro Roller Shutter
  2. Aoetec Micro Motor Controller
  3. Broadlink (via RF)

In case of going with option 1, Ive found that there are severla versions of the Fibaro Roller Shutter, some that work in EU others in USA… So far I have found in ebay 3 versions:

FGR221 ->

FGR222 ->

FGR222M ->

Wich should I buy if I bought my HUB in the USA (on Jan 2015?


Hi! Anyone that is using curretnly the FIBARO ROLLER SHUTTER with an US Hub can help me decide wich one to buy?

Hi frantona! Did you ever find the answer to your question? I am interesting in knowing this too.

Not in US but Fibaro works great.
There are 2 versions I am aware off. An old and new one. I have both. Look the same.

As long you get the right zwave US frequency no issues. If I remember the old version shows gate control in the front.

Hi! I will tell you in a couple of weeks… I couldnt find any advice in the forums so I went and bought to fibaros to try them FGRM-222 and FGM-222 with the US Hub… I should recieve them next week and do the testing with my US Hub V2.

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As expcted… I couldnt make the US Hub V2 see neither the fgr-222 or the fgrm-222

Have you tried anything else ever since ?