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Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 - FGRM-222 (DTH in post 24) (UK Device)


(Craig Seymour) #121

More than happy to take a look - send me what you’ve got :smiley:


can someone please advise…

(Christophe Sellan) #123

Maybe is it possible to make this DHT compatible with the new smartthings app?

(MarcinK) #124

This is now solved by setting the parametr 16 to 0. I’m using A OK AM75 Torro curtains.

The remaining issues is now that the blinds open in the app = blinds close and the reverse - how to change it?

(MarcinK) #125

Open/Close are reverse now:

  • when ST shows blind are open they are actually closed
  • when ST shows they are closed they are in fast open

It is easy to get used to but wondering what may be causing it and if there is an easy fix?

Also in Automation and Routines seeing blinds to certain level eg Open, Close or 100% or 50% doesn’t work. I need to switch it On or Off as a light switch to get it open and close?

Anybody sharing the same issues?

(D Gjorgjievski) #126


I just switched from the Fibaro original DTH to this one because I couldn’t make the Fibaro DTH to work on routines.
However I have one question regarding the possibilities to open the blinds in case of Smoke alarm. Due to safety reasons I want to open the roller shutters in case of smoke detection in order to enable an escape way.
I see some settings inside the parameters of this DTH but I doubt that the functionality in this DTH is working.
Anyone has experience with it?
Or any other suggestions how to perform this functionality?
I was thinking using some dummy device, like door lock that will be opened by the Smart home monitor, that in turn will open the roller shutters.
Better ideas are welcome


(Craig Seymour) #127

I’ve taken a look at this, this evening.

I added in the code to allow Param 50 to be set, and to handle the zwave SceneActivationSet, but it never seems to get triggered. I’ve double-clicked and triple-clicked and … nothing in the logs.

The code I tried is practically identical to that in the Fibaro Dimmer handler I use, and that does get triggered and logged.

So, I’m not sure where to go next. Possibly Param 50 isn’t the right one (although it is what the Fibaro documentation states); or possibly there is another setting which needs changing. So, for now, I’m at a dead end.

(Craig Seymour) #128

Have you tried the ‘invert’ preference - that worked for me when I had the same issue.

(Craig Seymour) #129

If anyone can spot what I’ve done wrong, I’d be more than happy to hear it (note this link only includes the scene activation changes, not the ‘routine’ fixes discussed above):…craigseymour:enableSceneActivation


I tried to change my device handler to your new code. Copy and Paste and got an error :

org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed:
script_dth_metadata_cb0870c4_1f38_4606_b7a9_bf75f556fb9e: 430: No map entry allowed at this place
. At [430:8] @ line 430, column 8.
[id: 50, size: 1, type: “enum”, defaultValue: “0”, required: false, readonly: false,

1 error

Ideas ?

(André Petinga) #131


I have a questions regarding the physical buttons functionality:
The original working way of my buttons is as described here:

Meaning, if I press Open, to stop the opening process, I just push the top of the opening button.

But since I installed Fibaro, I can’t configure them like they were. Because now, to stop the opening process:

  • Press the top of the opening button (nothing happens) and then press to open (bottom of the opening button)
  • Press the close button, and it stops immediately

How can I configure so that the physical buttons work as before? So it’s easy to stop the opening/closing process?
I already tried to configure “Toggle” and “Momentary”, but physical buttons always work the same way…

(MarcinK) #133

Also was not able to get RollerShutter to act as “Window Shade” - using Window Shade part during routines doesn’t do anything - I can use the DTH as a switch and light it on and off to close / open but cannot use the “Open or close Window Shares” part?

What may be causing that - does it work for any of you?

I’ve created separate Automation Routine that is supposed to open blinds only - it is being executed but blinds do not open.

(MarcinK) #134

Done that and it worked with some delay but worked well. THANKS!!!. Only thing remaining is that I cannot now regulate the blinds as "Open or close windows shared’ but have to do it but turning off and on the “Blinds in the bedroom” switch as if I was turning light on/off. Is that how it should work?

(Pavlos) #135

Hello all,

I use the google home/assistant and for some reason it thinks that my Fibaro roller shutters are lights, so when I tell google to switch on/off all lights it changes the rollers as well. Anybody know how to fix this?


Hi Everyone.

I installed 4 units to operate my roller blinds with the DH Fibaro FGR-222 from @julbmann, but for some reason they do not report/refresh the current status. I have to manually click “refresh”. Which again is a problem with running an Automation, f.ex “good night” when I programmed them to close. If I haven’t “refreshed” all 4 units, no action happens.

(D Gjorgjievski) #137

I have the same problem, but I solved it with workaround. I made a routine in ST that shuts all lights and call that routine from Google home.

(Pardal) #138

Have u guys seen the new Roller Shutter 3?
What can be the update?

(Pardal) #139

Do u know if it´s possibel to connect 2 shutters in 1 fibaro roller shutter? Tks!


Has anyone tried to use the Device Handler in the new SmartThings app? It doesn’t seem to be able to grab the device status. However in the old classic app, everything works fine.

(Julien Bachmann) #141

I finally take some time to fix the activation in scene. You can download the new code from