Fibaro roller shutter 2 and Smartthings

Hi all! At my home I have 6 electric roll-up shutter and I’d like to buy 6 fibaro roller shutter 2 with a Samsung Smartthings 2 hub. But I’ve two questions about this configuration. The first question is about the connection maximum distance, so the coverage of the devices, since it’s the first time I buy a z-wave device. So I have a 85mq home and my doubt is that if I’ll connect the hub in my entrance, the farthest roll-up shutter will have problem to communicate with the hub. So in this case could be very annoying to control only the roll-up shutters with a good signal and not the others.

My second question is about the hub settings. Since I would buy a Samsung hub and not a fibaro one that I think it’s too expensive for my necessities, including the lite version. So I have read online that the fibaro hub gives the user the ability to set the roll-up shutters closing percentage so in this case I can decide for example to close them completely, at half closing or 25% closing. So do you know if is it possible to set the closing percentage also with a compatible hub?

Hi Mouse,

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The Fibaro devices work with eachother. So when you add one for example 20 feet from your hub, it’s like a new antenne, so the next one (another 20 feet away) is not 40 feet, but still 20 feet from the nearest Fibaro device. I think you will have no problem with that in your home.

I have 4 roll-up shutters (with Fibaro roller shutter 2). I can open, close or open them …%. So what you want is possible with the Samsung Hub (I have v2).

Only thing I haven’t got to work is to use multiple shutters at once. I have 3 in one room and would like te close them at the same time. This works when I configure them as dimmers (lights), but not when I configure them as roller shutters.

Hope this helps you, if still necessary :wink:


Where you can you buy them online?


I just noticed that it’s not an all-in-one solution. You need to have motorized blinds already.

I guess my only choice remains MySmartBlinds (bad reviews tho)

Hi Frederixx,

Yes, you have to have electric blinds already. The Fibaro works only as a switch to (partly) open/close your shutters.

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