Fibaro RGBW is controlling only part of the LED strip?

So the RGBWW LED tape is tucked into my ceiling and is working fine when controlled by the wall switch. Of course I am not able to change the color from the wall switch and it only defaults to red, but the dimming and on/off functions are working fine.

After pairing the Fibaro RGBW to ST, and I use either a voice command or try to control the RGBWW tape through the ST app, only part (about 60%) of the LED tape seems to respond to my commands.

Does the fibaro have any limitation to how many meters of tape it can control (My tape is about 15m)? Could it be the wiring? Any ideas?


Actually, the electrician informed me that there is a second fibaro at a different location controlling the other half that I did not know about. He split it in half because the the fibaro manual had a max allowable Amps. So I will add the second fibaro to ST and probably create a virtual switch to control both simultaneously.