Fibaro RGBW Controller (DTH link in post 32, police light smartapp link in post 79)

Be happy to once I get everything rolling. The theater is about 85% complete, so I’ll likely let the remaining construction take priority (have a riser to build and a little more sunlight control to finish before I get to the LEDs… not to mention finishing the star paint. :slight_smile:

So in my learnin’ all abouts the ST stuff… I noticed when I added the Fibaro controller, it was recognized as such, and the control interface for it looks like the screenshots from the first post in this thread. Does that mean since it was submitted code it becomes part of the product (or this was a special case)? And if so, does it become enhancement requests or the like, or can we still tweak the code?

I immediately thought of a “Christmas” mode that would fade between red and green, and then wondered how hard it’d be to have sliders for each color in addition to the color wheel.

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Hey guys,
Would I be correct to say that the native “Smart Lights” app has no idea how to properly control the Fibaro?

I installed my Fibaro to Smart things and it appears to have given me twack 's controller SmartApp, which works great as a handheld remote. However when I try to schedule anything by triggers or time using the integrated lighting scheduler in “Smart Lights”, nothing really happens at all. Am I doing something wrong or is this what everyone sees?

As a plan-B I also Followed JDRoberts suggestion and set up several virtual switches and installed Motley’s “Fibaro Pattern Trigger” only to learn (again, please correct me if I am wrong) that it seems to be capable of only a single preset no matter how many switches you make (For example, once I assign the Fibaro to a Virtual switch (lets say “police”) I can no longer select that same fibaro on a different switch (lets say “daylight”). (Maybe ST prevents a single device be used by multiple switches?) Should I install another instance of Motleys App again and rinse/repeat for a different preset?

At the end of the day, I am really hoping to simply turn on pure ]white @100%] at 5pm, then maybe [30% blue] at 10pm, then maybe use the [“police”] preset in the event an alarm is triggered. Is this even possible? If so, how so is there a clean way to do it I am overlooking? I’ve read through all this thread (there are alot!) and I didn’t see any specific solutions in here for scheduling)

Help! :frowning: (And thanks in advance for your time)

Just bought a Fibaro controller and looking for the app or information on how to link it to smart things?

Can one Fibaro control multiple zones? For instance, I want to light up my bar one color and seats located across the room another color. Do I need two Fibaro? This is a simplified example. In my case I will have 10 zones and over 300 feet of strip lights… I am currently experimenting with a Wifi104 controller that works well. But I want to be able to control it via ZWave… Thanks!

Hi there,

Have a read of this. It should answer your question. You’ll probably need multiple controllers but @erocm1231 provides a cost effective solution that should help you out.

Question about connecting 12 volt LED lights

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Is everyone really payong $70 for this controller?
Is this cheaper somewhere else?

And you still need to use github, correct?
This isn’t supported by ST yet.

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Imagine 4 dimmer switches, typically assigned to R G B and W; Each of those 4 outputs can be controlled via Zwave and also via 4 separate inputs (grounded on a momentary switch that allows on/off/dimming by press-patterns). Thats essentially how the Fibaro works. If you want RGB in multiple zones to work independently, you’d need separate controllers since each color only has one output. HOWEVER, if youre going with white lighting, you could assigned each output to a separate zone and then ignore the fact that the controller calls them “red” “green” “blue” and “white”. The preset patterns in the smartapp would be weird because most are custom mixes and the color picker would also be weird to use (because its also custom mixing in real time) but you could assigne RED, GREEN, BLUE and WHITE preset buttons to virtual switches then controll them how you like (without dimming I believe).

Hey guys, I want to install 2 RGB (maybe even RGBWW if I can find one) recessed lights to create a wall wash that compliments my cabinet lighting. (it will basically be two wall-grazing lights that flank my TV, while the lightstrip lights the underside of the cabinets.

Are there fixtures that allow separate inputs at 24v in that form factor? It seems like the units ive seen have the credit card remote and a built in power converter, which I dont need. All I am hoping for is a recessed light (or even a bulb) that can be controlled by my Fibaro with the same patterns and presets. Any help and links would be appreciated.

Hi all including(@twack , if you monitor these boards).

I want to look at the status of the fibaro controller before sending out the next command. I have looked at the device.latestValue(“color”) as well as with the “level” attribute but they don’t give me what I am looking for. These values appear to be what is stored in the app which may not necessarily be synchronized with the device itself.

Imagine the following case:

I turn on the whitechannel, through my app.
Some time later my controller loses power.
When the controller comes back online the app is out of sync with the status of the controller.

Is there a polling command that I can use to keep the app aware of the current status of the controller.

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I’m trying to do that. I have down lights, under cabinet lights and hallway lights on the RGB channels and trying to write an app to link each channel to virtual dimmers.

Not having much luck so far but I’ll post here if I ever get it to work.

I love the Fibaro RGBW device (I’ve owned two in the past), but there is an alternative out there that already has the capability to control each channel with a virtual dimmer. It is a fantastic device at an affordable price. Alternatively, you can look at the code for my Virtual Dimmer Sync app and (with a few modifications) make it work with the Fibaro.

Edit: I just made some changes to my Sync app and it should work with the Fibaro Controller. Possibly not the white channel, but I will fix that.

Edit #2: White channel should work as well.


Hi all,

I am building out a new house that will use 16 independent fibraros operating RGBW to control various rooms throughout the house.

I need to be able to have a PWM dimmable wall switch for each room, that tells the fibraro to turn on or off. I assume i t will turn on to the last settings it had? If not, then i need a wall switch to trigger a zwave scene I assume?

Or do I leave the fibraro running full power all the time, and take the 24v Power cable and run that through a 24V PWM before connecting to the strips?

My main need here is identifying a the correct switch and wiring that will work for this purpose.

If someone who understands these is able to jump on a skype would be super helpful. Let me know.

Hi Scott,

I just saw that you did this! Awesome! I’m kinda new at the smartapp stuff. Can you give me a brief instruction on how to install this?

Thank you so much for your time!


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Hello All,

I am new to SmartThings and need some advise regarding the Fibaro RGBW controller.

First problem I have is that SmartThings does not appear to control the white channel, it is on all the time so I have had to disconnect it for now…but I would like to be able to use it.

Secondly, is it possible to synchronize the configuration of more than one controller? I have 2 controllers in each room and want the LED strips to be the same colour and be able to automatically change them based on certain conditions. How possible is this?


I’d like to know how to install this too!

Here’s the FAQ for installing custom code. This thread contains both a device type handler in post 32 and a smart app (the police lights example) in post 79 so make sure you paste into the right sections in your own account. The FAQ explains. :sunglasses:


I have one of these controllers. But I would like to be able to run red and green only. have it fade from red to green. I dont know if i am doing some thing wrong. Or do I need a special app to do this. Thank you for any info on this

Hope @twak and @Motley don’t mind, I have edited their code so I can assign custom RGB Presets in the SmartTiles dashboard.

For the device handler, I have added extra colour presets for my needs. The modified device handler originally by Twak is linked below in case anyone wants to see how extra colour presets are added.

Download link: Modified Device Handler

For Motleys Smart App, I have basically just Incorporated my own set of colours (including the ones I have integrated into the device handler) as well as changed line 25 to…

input "switch1", "capability.momentary", title: "Which switch?

…and commented out lines 36/41/47-51 so that I can use Momentary Button Tiles instead inside the SmartTiles dashboard to seamlessly go/fade between preset colours.

(The Momentary Button Tiles that I manually created are effectively the trigger/s for Motley’s Smart App)

Don’t know if commenting out the lines at the end was relay necessary, but did not want the RGB light fading/turning off when going between presets. I tried un-commenting the lines out - seems to make no difference.

Download link: Modified Smart App

Regards: eVeares

Hey guys, thanks for this awesome device type, the default one was so hard to get hard set colors like green.

I have a question regarding the Fibaro RGBW controller; inside of ST IDE for the device, I see “Power 5.1” what does this actually mean; whats the maximum power? Is the power the amount of Amps or Watts or what?

Many thanks in advance and sorry if this has been asked before but i’ve been searching for about an hour to try find the answer