Fibaro pulling-out of UK? Or why move to selling only via resellers, not direct?

Just seen this on the UK Fibaro site. Anyone have an inside story or more knowledge? Is this Fibaro pulling-out of UK or just a shift in their supply chain approach? Fibaro devices are somewhat reverred on this forum as the leaders but I’m not buying into a burning platform.


I really wouldn’t take a great deal of notice of that particular tabloid… and I really don’t think this is anything to do with Brexit. Please stop perpetuating false panic!

Fibaro UK is a separate company, and it looks like they were initially set up to distribute Fibaro products to retailers. Here they are on Companies House:

It looks like they’ve spiraled into debt over the past few years and have finally called it a day. My assumption is that Fibaro kit is either making its way into retailers from Europe directly, or that Fibaro have decided to sell directly to the larger retailers.

I don’t think this will affect availability of Fibaro products in the UK at all.

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Availability may be unaffected but what it does affect is the availability of their friendly and prompt support on a local number, which was great and now is unfortunately is lacking. We’re directed instead to a far busier and more expensive 0845 helpline!