Fibaro placement. Please help

Hey guys I am having a heck of a time figuring out a place to put my fibaro motion sensor. The way our living room is shaped the furniture suits with its back to the entrance. I can’t seem to find a placement that allows the lights to come on a split second before I enter the room and also keep picking us up once we are sitting in the room. If I put the sensor against the wall in taking the picture from it send to be just enough distance that it doesn’t trigger motion until your almost into the middle of the room. If I put it over by the entrance I can’t pick up people sitting in the room. Please see my picture for an example.

Here is a photo of one of my placement. I have it pointed somewhat to the ground and it pics me up a foot into the door way and still covers my entire kitchen.

Yeah but that’s a case where you aren’t going to be in there not moving around. The living room on the other hand could have periods of no movement, or no big movements. I can get the thing to flip on as we enter the room. What I can’t get it to do is come on as we walk in and stay on once we are sitting down watching TV or something.

I have my smart app set for the lights to go off after 3min of no movement. That buys us some time just in case someone is not moving for a short period in the kitchen.

Yeah the kitchen isn’t going to have to be as stringent as in a living room. I just need some help on placing it in such a way that allows the lights to come on as we enter the door way and also stays on while we are sitting.

I wonder is there a setting in the ST app that restricts the distance at which the sensor catches? If so what is it called?

This custom Device handler will give you some options on settings .

Hey man, I already have it installed. That’s what I’m asking. Is there a setting in there that controls the distance it checks?

I just checked and didn’t see anything. The only thing I saw that may help is sensitivity

Right on. Yeah sensitivity is already adjusted for the animals. If anyone has any suggestions based on the picture I would be grateful. I really don’t want to have two sensors for one room. This all may be moot since we’re moving in about 4 months but it would be nice to use in my current home.