Fibaro parameters not saving (April 2019)

It’s not so much that something is missing, more that too much is included, without and checks against firmware numbers.

Parameter 38 never used to exist, but it was added at some point with a firmware update, so for older devices running the old firmware, parameter sync fails due to that number not reporting a successful update.

I’ll take a look at the DTH this weekend and If i can figure out a way for it to work for new and old firmware, I’ll suggest the necessary revisions. It’s certainly possible to get Fibaro modules to report firmware version, so I just need to write some code around that.

Are zwave OTA updates ever likely to happen?


I’m not sure I understand. You pointed me to this same thread.
I saw your point re the RunIn issue (before the fix), but didnt see any info about what precisely was done to implement the fix.

For example, I am assuming you did not change the standard Fibaro DTH (“Fibaro Dimmer 2 ZW5”), and made changes only to your back-end cloud server code. Is that correct, or am I missing something?

If that is the case, I was wondering why there was a slight change in the UI (see my picture above).
It now says “Sync OK” (except during the actual sync) instead of reporting energy usage.

This is not a big deal, particularly given that you fixed the “sync problem” and my Fibaro Dimmer 2 switches are now syncing as I add them to the hub. By the way, as I suspected, I did need to remove the prior ones (that were added after this sync problem occurred, but before the fix) and re-add them to the hub. This worked fine.

Just wanted a little more detail to understand why the UI has changed slightly.

Gotcha. Sorry, I was under impression about the change to fix the configuration syncing issue.

I am not sure what has changed so that UI look different. I will run that by other folks and see if they can weigh in on the matter.

Why or how the UI changed is of minor importance compared to knowing if SmartThings are thinking/have thought/are in the process of introducing Z-Wave OTA updates which would benefit ALL ST users and be of gargantuan importance.

As much as I like to not deliver false promises, I may sound like a broken record and say it is on our roadmap, will provide more details as we move forward and once S2 functionality is released, we can say that be our next major feature that we’d like to release.


Hi! So the UI didn’t change for the Fibaro Dimmer. The way Fibaro wrote the DTH, they use a “multi status” custom attribute that is responsible for conveying both sync information as well as power/energy. That’s what you see in the corner of the main tile. They also have a separate tile for power and energy. Since we moved the device to local execution, the “multi status” events (since they’re for a custom attribute) aren’t generated by the hub, so only the dedicated power and energy tiles will display this information now.

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I see. Thanks for the explanation.

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I now have the Fibaro dimmers working on momentary switches, up and down, thanks.

However, why does the device handler provided by Smartthings not allow the user to change all parameters, like minimum brightness, parameter 1?

Also, I still cannot get the Fibaro single switch relay to work with a momentary switch, as the standard device handler once again does not include all parameters, of which number 14 is needed.

I can’t answer any of the questions about why the stock handler does what it does, but you can use the community-created Z wave tweaker for most mains-powered Z wave devices to expose all of the parameters and associations that the device reports, change those with the tweaker and save them back to the device, and then go back to using the stock DTH for every day use.

It’s just a workaround, but it’s a popular one. :sunglasses:

Either I am missing something, but that device handler still does not work.

I am unable to change see or change parameter 14 for a Fibaro relay switch and it doesn’t show all parameters for a Fibaro dimmer switch.

Why is SmartThings allowed to advertise the fact they work with Fibaro devices, when clearly it is not straight forward!!!

Hey Robin. I’m taking a look at this. The device info page in the IDE should show the device’s firmware version in the “Raw Description” field (‘ver’, not ‘zwv’). I’m going to try to reach out to Fibaro to get an answer to this, but if y’all can come up with a version number under which parameter 38 doesn’t exist, I can get a fix worked out.


All my Dimmer 2’s with ver 3.03 don’t have parameter 38 and fail sync. Whereas all ver 3.05 pass sync successfully.


Thanks. Great place to start. I’ll get a fix started based on those numbers and see if we get confirmation from Fibaro.


All of the devices in my new home are on 3.05, all purchased in bulk at the same time, so I have no issues with the sync (my interest here is for the benefit of all, rather than myself).

I don’t have access to the dimmers at my other home as it has tenants living there, so no idea what the FW is, I’m intentionally locked out of that system to allow them full privacy (though I of course have password reset rights via the email account which they cannot access).

I’d imagine though that the FW in that home is very very old, as it was all installed many years ago. Those Fibaro’s have been happily running a custom handler for years now without any intervention needed, so best to leave them alone anyway (If it ain’t broke and all that jazz).

If Fibaro don’t confirm the FW version that introduced parameter 38, perhaps the simplest fix would be to just place an override toggle in the preferences, so users can manually disable parameter 38 as required.

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Here’s my pull request with an early attempt at a fix:

We’re not quite ready to push it yet, but I think this is the gist of what we’re looking for.


Elegant solution… Unsurprisingly it’s 1000% better than the mess I had started cobbling together lol!!

Hopefully this will get approved after the main ‘forceForLocallyExecuting’ hotfix gets rolled out. (the one that is preventing newly added devices from syncing at all)

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Just checked in the fix. Fibaro confirmed that fw versions <= 3.04 are missing param 38. This will go to our staging environment next Tuesday where our QA will then test it, and it should be live in production on the 21st if the test goes well.


Actually we’re going to push that timeline up a bit so it should be live on the 14th.


The fix for this was released yesterday. To apply the fix you just need to edit and then save the device in either of SmartThings apps or in Graph/IDE.


I’m having exactly same issue with Fibaro Double Switch 2 and Single Switch 2 (FGS-223 & FGS-213) . All devices are firmware version 3.3. Hub is 26.00009. Using default device handler for them all. Have to use z-wave tweaker to set parameter 20 to 0 on all of them.
I believe this is the same issue but if not i will open a new thread.

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