Fibaro Motion Sensor nor Working on ambient trigger

Hi all,

apologies if Ive started in the worng place but Im new to Smartthings and to this forum.

Just acquired a smartthings hub and been experimenting with what I can do. I wanted to set a light (mains plug) to come on when someone approached after dark.

I did this with a smartplug and the Samsung motion sensor by setting a time window so it only works at night. This is OK but I’ll need to update the time window as the nights draw in.

Then I thought a light sensor would be a bettor solution so I swapped out the Samsung motion sensor for a Fibaro motion & light sensor (nearly twice the cost).

However when i create the Lighting Automation and set the “Only if illumination is” options - it doesnt work.

The sensor is sensing the motion but not obeying the illumination option.

On the app sceen where you enter the Illumination values I note it says “Beta feature currently not supported for local execution” - is this why?

If so, is there a solution?

Many thanks


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