Fibaro Motion Sensor - New device-handler with all settings and auto sync feature

Not sure what you are asking. You hit the cog to get to the device preferences. You hit the “Smartapps” tab to see what Smartapps are using this device.

I’m asking just that. What is the version of your motion sensor. You need to use the DH that is appropriate to your Sensor.

My response was to @MrSpock

Oops. Sorry.

The version on my motion sensor is ZW5.
What is the right DH for me?
After i install the DH to the sensor what do i have to do then to activate it @erocm1231?

You described a step there is no other option than the cog snd replace in my ST app.

If that is the case, it sounds like you aren’t using the device handler in this thread. I have been using it for some time and it works quite well.

Honestly though, I’m not sure if the ZW5 is some new version or not so maybe someone else can answer that question.

Anyway, read the FAQ here to learn how to install custom code:

You can use the Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5 OR the Fibaro Motion Sensor V3.2 IF you have a V3.2 motion sensor.
If not they will not work to these DH. You need to use a differwnt DH if you do not have a V3.2 sensor. Hence my question as to what version your Sensor is NOT what DH you are using.

Cyril, thank for providing this device handler! We just purchased the Fibaro Motion Sensor and have it configured to use the Device Handler based on the latest code from your master branch. We’re seeing a number of issues with the Fibaro device and your device handler. I’m hoping you or someone can help.

Below you can see a screenshot of the device as it appears in my SmartThings application. The motion sensor always appears in blue as does the Vibratio/Tamper indicator. The Samsung SmartThings motion detectors always use blue to denote movement. Regardless if the color use is the same or not, I’m not seeing the Motion or Temper activity ever kick off in the log.

Would appreciate any help on getting this to work with your device handler.


Hi @JoeCooper.
As per my note above, you should use the DH that pertains to your device.
What version is your Sensor?

Thanks for the quick response Bob. Just found I could discover version in the web application - it shows “Data: version 3.2”. I assume this can’t be impacted by the device handler selection but rather represents the version of the device.

What you could try is to go into the device in the ide.
At the bottom you will see the edit button.
Then in the device handler part, select Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5 then update.
When you go into the app for the device it should be okay.

Also look at my post here.

Hi all, hoping to get some clarification here. I recently purchased this sensor and it’s v3.2. I’ve been using the default Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5 from ST and seems to work just fine. However, I wanted to increase the sensitivity and have lux reported every 5 mins.

I came across this thread so I went ahead and installed this device handler and updated my device. I was able to use the settings to change parameter 1=8 and parameter 42=300 (secs)

So I gave the sensor some time to eventually wake up and sync and now when I check the logs lux is being reported several times a min vs once every 5 mins (300 secs). Also, the motion sensor does not work with this device handler.

So I went back to IDE and changed the device type to the ST default (Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5). Now motion sensor works but obviously the lux sensor is still reporting several times a min.

So I have two questions:

  1. why is lux being reported so frequently even though I set parameter 42=300.
  2. Is this the correct device handler for v3.2? If so why doesn’t it detect motion but it does when I switch to the ST default device type?

are light levels changing causing it to report

Does that parameter setting report every 5 minutes if no lux changes have occured. If lux changes by a certain amount(think this is another parameter setting) then sensor will report more often

From Fibaro Manual

  1. Illuminance report - interval
    Time interval between consecutive illuminance reports. The reports
    are sent even if there is no change in the light intensity.
    Available settings: 0 - periodical reports are not sent
    1-32767 (in seconds)
    Default setting: 3600 (1h) Parameter size: 2 [bytes]
  1. Illuminance report - threshold
    This parameter determines the change in light intensity level resulting
    in illuminance report being sent to the main controller.
    Available settings: 0 - reports are not sent
    1-32767 (illuminance in lux)
    Default setting: 200 (200 lux) Parameter size: 2 [bytes]

Yeah, I just realized that after my post. I changed parameter 40=0 (disabled). It should now only update every 5 mins.

Hi all, I’m really frustrated with this sensor. I’ve read through so many posts on this and I’m trying to modify the default lux parameters and it’s not behaving as I would expect it to. Either the manual is wrong or the sensor simply doesn’t behave according to the parameter definitions.

My goal is simple. I would like the Fibaro sensor to update my ST Hub every 5 mins with the current lux reading.

Reading the manual over and over again it seems to me the way to accomplish this is to modify a couple of parameters.

Parameter 40 is Illumination Threshold Report, this states that whatever value you set here will cause the sensor to send a report when the lux value changes +/- The default value here is 200 meaning the sensor should update the hub every time the lux value increases or decreases by 200. In reality I’ve noticed the sensor doesn’t behave this way at all. Most of the time when I check the logs I get an update once every hour. So I set this parameter to 0 to disable this function.

Next parameter is 42, manual states this is the time interval between consecutive reports. BINGO, this is exactly what I want. So I set this parameter to 300 secs (5 mins) and push the config to the sensor.

Now the sensor is sending reports at least once every min. WTF!!!

Why isn’t the sensor behaving based on the parameter settings/descriptions in the manual? What am I missing here?

This is just the beginning of my frustration with this sensor. I’ve also tried modifying the motion sensitivity and I’m getting bizarre results from modifying those parameters to. Arghhh!!!

By the way, I have v3.2 of this sensor. Where can I find the correct user manual? I’ve found a couple online but none of them match the version of sensor I have?

Manuals i used are here

Does anyone have a flawless DH for 3.2? I have tried them all and written my own, I have 3 working perfectly except for motion and 2 that have lux and motion detection issues. I know it’s not the sensors through other testing and I am able to get them to report for a few hours then they just stop.

I have tried replacing, rebooting, excluding, excluding and deleting, excluding deleting rebooting, etc… all to no avail. I try forcing and polling and have 42,64, etc set for every 90 seconds just trying to get something. The old ones on network I have no problem with but these ones … they’re about to become archery targets!

Now that I’m thinking about it I’ve been having issues with all z-wave plus things the last couple of weeks, not nearly as much as these but enough that it makes me wonder about hubs capabilities

Anyways anyone have any suggestions please?

OK after last tweak to code now everything working except for motion reporting

I tested this handler, it doesn’t work with v3.2.

I plan to try to combine this driver and the ST driver this weekend to see if I can get them work.

Why isn’t there just a working device from smartthings? This motion sensor has been out ages in its 3.2 form in the UK.

Chan, if you can get a working device handler for this that’s actually configurable, I’m sure many folks would be very happy, including myself.
I don’t mind adjusting parameters in the IDE if they actually work as expected.
I’ve seen various different slices of code for this device and some are formatted differently when it comes to the Params, some us v2 tags others v1.
Does the UK version even use the same code structure as the US one?.

Personally if someone can create a smartapp that can read the devices current settings that would be the biggest help, as without that base, it’s a bit button bashing in the dark.

Appreciate all the communities help on these but, I’ve not herd a single response from smartthings staff on this sensor, yet it’s listed in their compatibility list. Again much like Sonos having a half attempt device, featuring none of the confuguration options within the st default device.

Becoming less and less impressed by ST

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