Fibaro Motion Sensor for Outdoor Use - Anyone using it? Parameter settings?

Is anyone here using a Fibaro Motion Sensor outdoors?

I have one setup but it is false triggering worse than my old Aeon Multisensor. I’ve tried changing the parameter settings to make is less sensitive to no avail (either still too sensitive, or so insensitive that it can’t even see someone 3 feet away).

If you’re using it outdoors successfully, would love to know what your parameter settings are.

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My experience has been much better with Fibaro’s compared to Aeon’s. For me both of these have been pretty much useless as far as outdoors though I haven’t played around with lowering the sensitivity. If you go through Fibaro’s manual, they do mention some false alerts will be there. May be positioning it in a different way will help.

I have simply stopped using the one outdoors for motion purposes. Using it only for Lux and Temp readings. Here’s an excerpt from their manual:

Actual range of the sensor can be influenced by environment
conditions. Should false motion alarms be reported, check for any
moving objects within the sensor’s detection area, such as trees
blowing in the wind, cars passing by, windmills. False motion alarms
may be caused by moving masses of air and heat as well. If the
device keeps on reporting false alarms, despite eliminating all of the
above-mentioned factors, install the device in another place.

@smart - yeah, I saw that in the manual. It’s unfortunate, I like the footprint of the Fibaro … but the false alarming makes it pretty much useless outdoors.

I’m going to keep trying to fiddle with the parameters… if that doesn’t work I’m stuck using my Ecolink’s outdoors (which work pretty good, but find them very ugly sitting outdoors).