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Fibaro motion sensor FGMS-001 reporting as Aeon Multisensor

(Patrik Söderström) #1

I just bought and installed a smartthings hub and adding my first device (fibaro flood sensor) went fine.

But my troubles started when i wanted to add my second sensor, a Fibaro motion sensor.
When i try to discover the sensor it reports(?) as a Aeon Multisensor and will only display motion.

below is the raw description of the device:
zw:S type:2001 mfr:010F prod:0800 model:1001 ver:2.07 zwv:3.67 lib:03 cc:30,84,85,80,8F,56,72,86,70,8E,31,9C

Any ideas on what i can do now?

Thanks in advance


(Robin) #2

You’ll need to install a custom device handler:

I’ll post an FAQ guide to use custom code shortly, just need to find it :slight_smile:

(Robin) #3

Have a read through and then come back if you’re not sure.

Oh, and welcome to the ST community!

(Patrik Söderström) #4

I will try as soon as i get home, the problem is that i have tried to change into several different fibaro motion sensors, including a community version without any luck.
All i get is motion, battery and, updating time interval.
I dont have ver 3.2 but 2.07 and i guess very limited chances of upgrading it without a fibaro home-center.

(Patrik Söderström) #5

Thank You @RobinWinbourne!

I now understand that i needed to set the device in inclusion mode(?) at the same time as i was configuring it, i used an older device handler which might be better.

(Jonathan McGuire) #6

But why is a custom device type needed when these are supposed to be supported without it?

(Robin) #7

Official support is very very basic… if you want to be able to change parameters and the like you need the custom code… that’s just the ST way.

(doc) #8

hello I am looking for the device handler for fibaro motion sensor FGMS -001 V2.4 can any one help. Its EU
on V2 Uk hub,.
i have the same problem the hub is reading it as aeon multisensor.

(Robin) #9

Try this one: