Fibaro Motion Sensor DH help please

Hello Community. I had to have my hub replaced and I am in the process of rebuilding everything. I at one point had a device handler for a fibaro motion sensor that allowed you to change the settings within it. I have searched the forum and I can’t locate the one that does that. The only one I find is for the newer fibaro motion sensors which doesn’t appear to work on the older one.

Is anyone using a custom Fibaro device handler like the one I described above? If so, where can I find the code?

I think Fibaro has multiple motion sensors so which model?

How can I tell? I know it’s not the newest.

Newbie question… what is meant by DH and DTH ?


Device Handler or Device Type Handler.

Open the device in the IDE and look for the prod, model, and ver in the raw description.

If you have the ZW5 version it should look something like:

prod:0801 model:2001 ver:3.02

They mean the same thing. Most of the users that have been on the forum for a while use DTH so I"m assuming at one point everything was labeled Device Type Handler.