Fibaro Motion “Can’t connect to Device. Check device and try again” in new app

I upgraded to the new app, and had to rebuild the system. For a while I had the old and new app on my phone. I could not put the Fibaro onto the system with the new app. I was able to do it just fine in the old app. I reset my iPad and now I cannot log on to the old app. So I cannot do anything with this motion controller. I get the error message above every time.

I can go into the API site and see its status and the smart home routines I have attached to it work, but I cannot get its status from the app.

Any thoughts out there?

Not sure on why you needed to rebuild the system as you stated just to use the new app. You are using the same login/password for both the old and new apps?

Any error messages when attempting to login to the Classic app?


Yah it made me create a Samsung password, not the one we had from SmartThings.

Oh I can’t get back into the old app because I have a Samsung account now. The old app only takes the SmartThings account

The old app works with the Samsung Account. I have both loaded and I login with the same Samsung account.


Yah the old app will let me login with my old SmartThings password but it wants me to setup the hub new. It asks for the setup code and when I enter it, it says no. I am not sure.

I like the old app better than the new one, but I dread having to reset the whole system again.

Choose Samsung login and use the new account.

The old app does not give me that option. The new one does, but the old one doesn’t.

So in doing more digging, this thing that is not working is listed as cloud not local. How do I make it local?

Is it using a community device handler? If so, it won’t work in the new app.

I am using the one that it installed by default. How can I change it to a more supported one? I am using it as a lux input.

Try the Fibaro Motion or Motion ZW5

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Thank you. Will give it a try this eve.

So I did this, and the controller is still marked “Cloud” and cannot be controlled. It’s so odd. I guess I will have to just trust that it works.

Can’t be controlled as in not showing motion events?

I can use it for events, but I cannot click on it and see what the lux is. In order to tune the event I want to see what the level was at… I cannot in the app, I have to go to the event log in the api.

Ah, yeah, you should switch back to using the Classic app. You can login to it with your same credentials as the new app.

Sadly that is not true. I cannot login to the old app with my SAMSUNG ID. If I reset my password for my SmartThings app (Same email address) it says I have zero hubs. I basically have 2 accounts now.

New app does not work, but has a system attached. Old app things I am new new.

Oddly it is the same on the web. If I choose Samsung I go one place. SmartThings I go another. :frowning:

Boned. May reset the whole system and go back to the old app.

Why don’t you contact ST support first at


What jkp said. They can straighten out the login situation.