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Fibaro Light Switches NO LONGER SYNC Configuration Changes after SmartThings Hub Firmware Upgrade to 000.025.00026

(Daniel Siegel) #1

Now that the SmartThings firmware upgrade has occurred, I have noticed a change in the way in which the Fibaro light switches (Dimmer 2 and Single Switch 2) function when they are added to the SmartThings Hub. In short, they no longer appear to sync configuration changes, requiring me to use Z-Wave Tweaker in the IDE to sync the changes.

I have v2 of the SmartThings Hub and use the Classic App.

All of the Fibaro light switches I added AFTER the recent firmware upgrade seem to have a problem syncing the configuration changes using the Classic App. When the configuration is saved, they no longer “sync” the parameters. They appear to store the changes immediately, but no longer display a cycling thru the parameters for a few seconds of a sync process. But the changes arent really implemented - ie, they dont appear to be synced/downloaded to the Fibaro light switch itself (just stored in the SmartThings Hub).

In addition, the interface in the app no longer shows one part of the energy usage. See my attached image, showing the switch interface of a Fibaro added BEFORE the firmware upgrade (on the left) next to the switch interface of a Fibaro added AFTER the firmware upgrade. My annotated red arrow points to the “dashes” in the “after” picture, as opposed to the wattage info on the “before” picture. A minor loss of display functionality, but still a bit annoying.

More importantly, as a result, whenever I want to make a configuration change to these Fibaro switches (added after the firmware upgrade), I need to use the IDE. I change the Device Handler from the “Fibaro Dimmer 2 ZW5” (or “Fibaro Single Switch 2 ZW5”) handler to the “Z-Wave Tweaker” device handler, and then make the changes in the Classic app using Z-Wave Tweaker. This works, but it is a bit of a pain.

Does anyone know why this occurred, or how to fix it? Havent yet contacted Fibaro support, but they may well blame this on the SmartThings Hub firmware upgrade.



Under discussion in the hub firmware thread:


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(Saar Itzhaki) #3

Still without fix


(Daniel Siegel) #4

Has anyone else noticed the symptoms I am having with the Fibaro switches (in my post above)?
Not sure if they were caused by the FW update or related back-end server changes by SmartThings.

I am using the workaround I mentioned (using the IDE and Z-Wave Tweaker) to implement parameter changes to the Fibaro switches. But, it would be great to know if others have experienced the same symptoms and how they have addressed them. Again, this only happens with Fibaro switches installed recently. My previously installed switches do not exhibit these symptoms.


(Saar Itzhaki) #5

I have the same issue.