Fibaro kit

(Paul Travis) #1

Does anyone know if there are cheaper versions of the Fibaro dimmers and relays( ie Chinese ) that can be used in the UK either behind the switch or near the pendant . £40+ a pop is expensive to do every switch

(Robin) #2

I thought Quibino might have been a bit cheaper but actually they cost more.

Xiaomi (what I normally use for cheap Chinese sensors) don’t do in wall micros.

Personally, I wouldn’t trust an unbranded / uncertified device for in wall use anyway… too much of a fire risk. And even if you could get something like that working with ST, you’d be limited to the most basic of commands.

Fibaro kit is certainly not cheap :sob: but at least it’s reliable, safe and full of advanced features.

Welcome to the world of HA… say goodbye to your bank balance!!


IKEA Tradfri bulbs could be an option. But then the switch would need to be in on position all the time.


I tried this, but couldn’t get the bulb to squeeze into the back box :wink:

I looked for alternatives but settled on Fibaro Dimmer 2. Vesternet has them down to under £41 at the moment too.