Fibaro Fire Alarms dead after update?

I contacted Fibaro and asked them about why my fire alarms can now longer set settings, view alerts or be detected.

Fibaro has made no attempt to reach out to customers to notify them of this but I did get an email which I’m sharing here just in case other Fibaro Fire Alarm owners wonder why there Alarms stopped reporting in,

“Device handlers are not provided by FIBARO. It was created by a software developer that we’ve cooperated with in the past. For now we are just providing working device handlers on our site and unfortunately we cannot provide you new handlers. If you have knowledge in programming you can create such integration by yourself or if you don’t - you can find what you are looking for here:”

I have all of my motion sensors dead after the update. They are from iris and smartthings. This has caused all routines not to work

Hi Paul, this question is in regards to the Fibaro fire sensor and not the motion sensor.

Fibaro are notorious for NOT developing drivers, not just fire detection but with all there products

Very good hardware absolutely terrible support for other platforms, they do support there own integration into there own systems but to me its a very narrow vision

It may be worth posting in the request a driver section
If @Mariano_Colmenarejo has not already created a driver i am sure someone will be able to help

Hi Mike,

The drivers did work until Samsung flicked the switch and decided to stop supporting Groovy. I’ve gone ahead and posted my request on the edge driver section. I’ve got a bit of a programming background too so if it really really really comes to it I’ll spend a weekend trying to learn whatever I need to learn in order to get the hardware up on the platform however I’m unable to fully commit time to this due to my other work. I’m hoping someone in the community might pick it up especially as it’s to do with fire safety.

When I look at the production branch of the Samsung-provided edge drivers for ZWave smoke detectors, I see a Fibaro device:

[SmartThingsEdgeDrivers/fingerprints.yml at production · SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsEdgeDrivers · GitHub](https://SmartThings Prod ZWave Smoke Detectors)

Is that your device in there? If so, look in the app and change the driver on your device. And what kind of device and driver was assigned to it when it transitioned (that is, what does the app say the device is?)

Hi Scott. Here’s the driver that’s currently being used. Do you have a suggestion of an alternative?

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Here’s one of the features now broken since the upgrade to the edge driver.

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The Edge driver that was installed is from Samsung. If the driver is not working correctly I’d start there by raising a support case with them; from in the app, select the menu and then Contact Us | Call Customer Service.

If that goes nowhere you may have to poke around this community to see if anyone has (or will) write a driver for this device, but since it’s supported by Samsung, I’d start there.


Although for different devices, i have found ST stock drivers to be broken, power useage charts fail to display properly or show scrambled information, it is pretty common

@Mariano_Colmenarejo i am almost certain will have created a proper working driver for your device already

I had a look and my product (the fire sensor) isn’t on the list at the moment.

Hi @OliPicard

This is a stock driver and if it doesn’t work well it’s best to report it to smartthings or tag @nayelyz to see what recommends doing as it should work fine before migration

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Thanks Mariano, I can confirm that the fire sensors worked fine before this update. Any ideas @nayelyz

I have submitted a ticket with Samsung Support.

Can anyone point me in the direction of smoke detector APIs/edge driver documentation. I can’t promise I’ll have time (I might just get a different hub at this point) but I’ll try and see if I can make something if Samsung doesn’t reply.

Samsung said in an email that they was aware of the motion sensors being discontinued but not the smoke detector as they shipped an edge driver but the edge driver isn’t processing the fire alarm or connecting properly. Both my fire alarms are down currently. Great Job Samsung!

Samsung publishes the source code for their edge drivers on GitHub. The production branch is here:

As you appear to have found a problem where their driver jus does not work, I’d continue to engage with them, telling them exactly what works and what doesn’t, and see if you can push them to revise the driver. As you can see from the fingerprints file in the repo, they support multiple brands of fire alarms and presumably these bugs affect more than just the Fibaro brand.

I tried the driver’s @Mariano_Colmenarejo had on his channel and I couldn’t change it for this device.

The fire alarm is still dead and Fibaro are not bothered as they relied on the community to make things work. Unfortunately the edge drivers were last updated 5 years ago so I think I’m going to have to throw away an IoT product before the end of its lifetime. It’s sad.